This has to do with the things we carry about with us, or the way we collect things in a psychological way. For instance one might ‘carry’ a grudge or ill feeling for years, and it is just as much of a burden as carrying a loaded shopping bag. We might also collect or carry information or ideas. We might ‘buy’ a suggestion from someone and carry it in this way until used or passed on.

The basket is often used to represent the vagina or the ability to bear children.

In trying to understand what the basket depicts it is important to consider what is in the basket, and whether that is the important part of the dream. After all, the basket might simple point to your ability to hold or remember experiences, ideas or feelings.

The word is occasionally used in English to mean a person who is a problem or irritating – she/he is a little basket. The phrase ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ also shows how it is common to associate basket with the idea of collecting or holding onto things that are valuable.

Cat/animal basket: Means of containing, restraining or dealing with ones reactive or spontaneous feelings or responses.

Carrying a basket to the shops: Looking for something; wanting something.

Full of food or goods: Plenteousness; abundance; good feelings or being a provider.

Empty basket: Sense of emptiness; lacking motivation; feeling impoverished.

Example: I was in a house with my mother, father and my son David. My son was not his present age, being about nine or ten years old. He was walking down some stairs leading to a basement, happily carrying a large bag of food, and a basket with milk and some other liquid in it. This was balanced on the sack, and as he walked down the wooden stairs I was behind him and saw the handle of the basket knock on the stairs. I thought it would fall and told David so. He was confident it wouldn’t. I made my point by taking hold of the handle and tipping the basket so its contents fell down the stairs, causing a flood of liquid to gush down the stairs. It looked as if the stairs had been washed clean, with some gravel as if a river had flowed down them. David was upset and told my parents I had tipped the basket. It probably would not have fallen if I had not tipped it. I felt as if I had betrayed David’s bright helpful attitude. The dream ended with my awareness of my father (now dead) being downstairs. Andy

In the dream, David is ‘carrying’ all the bright nourishing things he has collected, but is upset by his father. David is actually the dreamer’s positive, growing and happy self that he undermines and hurts by his critical and overbearing attitude.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I am carrying – and does the dream define this?

Is it the basket or the contents that are the main thing here?

What ability or attitude does my dream basket represent?

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