Bat used in a game.

The flying bat is often associated with the devil or vampires, night or death. It is a creature that can see in the dark, lives in caves, and so is an aspect of unconscious inner workings, that go on in the darkness, or the part below our conscious awareness. But it is we who create this fear.

It can therefore represent thoughts or influences emerging from the unconscious, and can be wonderful rather than frightening. Being able to see in the dark – i.e. intuition. A such it can be felt as a fear of the unconscious. As such it can be felt as a fear of the unconscious. See Facing Fear.

The Australian aborigines see the bat as the spirit of death.

Example: I had a dream that I was playing tennis with a friend and suddenly a black bat attack on my neck and bit me and when I look at the ground there are unfamiliar animals that are crawling there and 1 man is sweeping all of the tiny animals. I ran in the house and 1 tiny blue bird follows me and I close the door. In my dream my house don’t have roof and I let the bird fly in the sky and I look at the poor animals being swept outside the gate like a leaves fallen from the tree. They are alive and they can move but it seems like they are afraid of the man. Then I was running outside like I’m playing hide and seek with someone and I enter another house and my relatives are with me and I met a guy inside the house and we went in a room and from window I saw my kids playing outside.

As can be seen from the dream, the bite of the bat brings about an enlargement of her ability to see and appreciate things.

Useful questions are:

What did I feel about the dream bat, and what part does that feeling play in my life at present?

Was there something I realised on seeing or dealing with the bat?

If there was fear, what was it about as base?

What is my dream bat doing in this dream, and what does that suggest about my own activities?

Try using Processing Dreams,

A bat used in a game:

: Male sexuality; positive aggression; defensiveness.

A baseball or cricket bat often appear in dreams as a form of confidence that you could deal with attack. But of course they are both also to do with expressed skill in dealing with the things life throws at you. A bat is an extension of your body and so expresses the timing, skill and expression you put into the game of life. See: games and gambling.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I using the bat as defence or as a skill in dealing with things?

Is the bat being used against me – if so how am I dealing with the situation?

What skill or lack of it is being shown in using the bat?

Being the Person or Thing can help you define the meaning of the bat.


-Sandra 2017-07-07 15:40:29

I had a dream where I was walking towards my house. I was looking at a plant in my front garden. It was unusual looking and I wondered what it was. Then on closer inspection, I realised it was actually a bat. The bat then stood up and spread out it’s wings. There was a baby bat on it’s back. It was a mother bat. It was majestic. Then I looked up at the sky and there were more bats. I thought they looked really cool. They seemed really happy. I remember saying they looked like Halloween and I was enjoying watching them as I had never seen bats flying before.

-Lata 2015-02-03 11:28:56

I dreamt that I was carrying a sickly bird that was trying to peck on my nose (like affectionately) bit too weak to do so. I m taking the bird to release it into the open air so it will recover. The flies off n turns into a bat n flies back close to my face when I soho it away and off it goes. What does this mean? Lata. Thank you

-larry 2013-03-13 18:00:09

I had a dream that I was inside a mall after closing with random unknown people around me. A black vampire bat was flying above me. The bat came towards me and I caught the bat in my hand. I walked the bat to a glass room with doors and was going to put the bat in the glass room so it could not get at anyone. Before I let go of the bat, the bat bit me on the hand. Two small clear liquid bubbles appeared on my hand. The bite was a gentle pinch. I let go of the bat and left it in the glass room. A male came and took the bat which turned into a male vampire wearing a long coat. This male was talking to the vampire as if he knew the vampire. As I walked away down the mall, which was now open with stores and people; I looked back and the vampire was looking towards me ignoring the male and looking at me as though he was trying to indicate something without having to speak. As I continued walking in the mall I developed super hearing skills as if the bat bite gave me super hearing. I began to hear a female moaning in sexual pleasure and thought of my wife. The female moaning who I thought was my wife moaned the name “Chris”. I then entered a cave and a blonde woman dressed like a cavewoman (not my wife) was trying to avoid eye contact with me. I walked past her and approached a caveman dressed in caveman clothing on the floor in a room and when I approached him he began saying he gives up.

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