Ones resources of energy or vitality. Problems with the battery might depict health difficulties or even worries about heart weakness. But dreams are a magic mirror that reflects our inner state and world. So any worries may only be a belief you have about yourself, and if you are worried it is shown in your dream exactly what it is – a thought and emotion that is using you vital energies unwisely.

Example: In a dream I realised that I had often held thoughts and feelings of ill health or that there was something wrong with my body. I saw into myself and could see how these feelings caused so much harm to the workings of my subtle energies that support health, and I felt so sorry for constantly doing that to myself.

Computer/laptop battery: This connects more directly with accessing your talents, your memory, your links with others, and maybe your work more than a general battery. So it is important to define what part the battery is playing in the dream.

Flat battery: Suggests lack of motivation; a run-down condition regarding health or emotional energy; lack of resources or motivation. Sometimes it shows a lack of confidence in what you are doing, indicating the feeling that you are not capable or not sure enough of what you do.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the battery energising – a car a torch? Whatever it is look it up to see what is being influenced.

Am I feeling in any way like the energised or flat battery?

How do I recharge myself?

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-Tom 2016-02-23 0:11:47

dead batterie

Dream begins:
me Sitting at the wheel of a large van on a dimmly lit side street alone
Calmy trying to turn the key and start the car
engine turns,lights flicker inside but die imediatly
second try,
same thing
again,no luck
everything grows even darker and quiet
It’s hopeless, I’m stuck..
dream ends

-Rebecca 2013-04-28 21:44:58

In my dream I was at a park, with family, and I was holding a dead battery (AA), and looking for a good place to throw it. I finally saw an open spot, and threw it.

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