Similar to beach, but the crescent shape sometimes depicts a woman’s sexuality and openness to mating; receptiveness. The bay is an area or environment in which you are near to the sea, suggesting awareness of your inner feelings and needs, or a closeness to what is natural. But the quality of this depends upon the condition of the bay. It might be a wonderfully light and attractive place or a place where boats are rotting and derelict. So this will comment on what is going on in you at the time of the dream. The bay is in most cases also a place to relax and be away from a work scene, so it offers opportunity to express in ways other than might be usual.

Boat sailing into bay: Something coming into your life; a new event or relationship. Arriving at a calmer situation in life, feeling easier because you are no longer ‘at sea’ about something.

Sailing across the bay: The passage of time or events; distance to travel, in the sense of covering ground in ones life.

Whales or other creatures in bay: Something important and deeply felt being realised or confronted. Usually this is about emotions or drives. See: Beach.

Idioms: At bay; keep at bay.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What expansive feelings have I encountered lately?

Am I changing my relationship with somebody?

Do I have a sense of opening to a wider awareness or pleasure?

Try Being the Person or Thing.

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