Something we are hoping to find, or are looking for; making decisions about what we want – or the ways or difficulties in how we get what we want. The bazaar can also signify an unusual or exotic element of our desires, or opportunities that are unusual. See: shop.

It  an also signify great creative talent. Or it can be a pun – bizarre.

Example: I was visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, entrance to which was through a bazaar lined passage. We were given knives to protect ourselves. The mosque was lit solely by a huge furnace at one end. Devils were jumping up and down in the flames. My companion said “The fires of the Apocalypse”. Some Turks said they would kill us if they saw us again.

The bazaar here is a sign of the unusual and creative aspect of the dream, the dream refers to the dreamers experience prior to birth – the long passage and the Blue Mosque. The rest of the dream suggests the dreamer has fear of dying and defensiveness strongly linked with this. I imagine this would make him afraid of women at a very basic level of relationship. Any closeness beyond the superficial could lead to fear of losing his identity – i.e. death.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I been seeking something unusual, or that I feel I can’t find in my usual environment?

What feelings do I have about this bazaar, and what does that mean to me?

Do the events happening in the bazaar have significance for me?

It night be helpful to read Near Death Experiences and Being the Person or Thing.

See: Shop.

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