Is often associated with industriousness and independence. The beaver is also a great planner and builder, offering great protection and care to their young. The word beaver sometimes has sexual connotations – the sexual organs. If there is emphasis on the beaver dam, then it may suggest either conserving your energy and emotions, or holding back feelings, depending on the dream action.

In the Native American Indian traditions the beaver was often seen as a holy animal, and occasionally offered great wisdom to the dreamer. If the beaver speaks to you in the dream, it may be expressing innate or unconscious information or insights you have that are becoming conscious.

Because the beaver is equally capable underwater as well as above it, it can suggest bringing past memories, or thing that were not known or experienced into awareness

As a dream animal I am one with the Earth and all its creatures, so anything I learnt can be of great use. See Mammal Brain.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there any suggestion of working hard in the dream, and how does that apply to me?

If the beaver communicated something what was it?

Am I gathering a deeper insight into the forces of nature in my life?

You can learn very personalised insights into your dream animal by using – Being the Person or Animal.


-Alicia 2017-03-11 0:58:55

I dreamt a beaver in my front yard, which was not having grass but sand. The beaver was doing snow angels while responding HI to me.

What could be an interpretation of his dream?

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