Collective activity or working as or within a community, hard working or self sacrificing. The bee is not separate from its quest for nectar – in other words the bee is the whole wonderful connection between you, your work, the people you are connected with and the harvest of experience you gather from your life.

Because bees build fantastic egg laying colonies which the use to give life to thousands of life forms, I sense tha if you dream of bees working a hive, entering a hidden hive, or a swarm, it my be about your own cellular health in a positive way.

But because bees can sting you might be avoiding being stung – so avoiding pain, avoiding being stung by being taken advantage of.

If you dream of a bee stinging you it can suggest either that you have been hurt/stung in the past, or you are still reacting to being stung by someone’s hurtful remarks. Or else that you need to careful of hurting others with your remarks or criticism. But some things such as stinging remarks or even relationships tend to get under your skin, as in the following example.

It might also be a pun on being busy, busyness, business, or are you working yourself to death like bees do. Can be a “stinger;” a pun on “be-ing,” or beingness, “to be or not to be.”

Because bees produce honey there is a suggestion that bees can harvest a sweet and satisfying experience, and suggests what you have gathered from your life experience. honey

Example: I dreamt this morning that a bee found a crack or slit in the skin of my throat (right side of my neck below the ear) and worked its way in, burrowing itself beneath my skin. I didn’t see the slit, but it must have been there, however microscopically small, because it managed to burrow itself in there. It found an opening and worked its way inside the flesh of my neck. Next thing I know either more bees did the same OR the bee managed to reproduce itself inside me, because the mass on my neck grew larger like a large tumour. Inside I could feel the movement and buzzing of these live bees inside my neck, beneath the skin. I had a large lump on my neck, it was a mass of 20-50 bees growing and living there. Like a cancer that was alive and kicking, taking up residence.

Example: Later, in daylight I noticed a hornets nest in the side of the house. The next door neighbour’s son knocks it off and hornets enter the house and stung me. I angrily show the neighbour and son the huge watery swellings. I clout the boy for  stirring up the hornets. I had held my arms above my head and the swelling decreases. Now, with lowered arms I see a bubbling up of skin spread up my arms to chest, then to my entire front. I have no apparent sexual organs because I am covered in a wafer of dead skin. My wife looks at me and has no feeling of caring, and does nothing to help. She is telephoned by another man. I see him and her at the same time. He says for them to go off together, and gives the impression of how sexually adequate he is, and how inadequate I am. I feel so hurt and angry I decide to leave my wife for good.

Idioms: a bee in her bonnet; the bee’s knees; queen bee; honey bee; honey of a bee.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I know about Bees and how do I feel about them?

Can I recognise any signs of being hard working and self sacrificing?

How about the unconscious life processes going on in my own self?

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-Nancy Collinet 2018-05-07 15:21:11

I dreamed of children playing a game in a circle inside of an enclosed chain link fence(also a circle)
a hole in the ground inside of the circle along the fence opened up and a swarm of bees came out. The children went screaming, no one was stung.
what do you think?

-SC 2016-09-05 12:01:19

I saw a bay window in the dwelling that I was in covered in honey bees. I felt immediate fear because what if they decided to swarm me. I called for help via a phone. One flew near me but past on by. I explained on the phone that if stung, I could perish and that help was needed sooner rather than later. A lady arrived. She covered the window using some object to omit smoke. The bees were calm and removed.

-ELSIEBE J0SSOB 2016-03-01 10:46:42


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