This often indicates that we are failing to see how we are being influenced either by an external person or by enchanting ideas and feelings we hold within.

We have perhaps all been bewitched in one way or another during our life. We have all had ‘spells’ cast upon us. Sometimes painful experience can etch conflicting feelings into us. For instance at the age of six I experienced a tonsillectomy. In late years I uncovered previously unconscious memories of the operation. During the operation I was semi aware. A female nurse was holding my head near her body. This created feelings of comfort and female protectiveness. At the same time the surgeon was cutting my throat. So the pain and terror of having my throat attacked was connected with the comfort of the female body. This was a sort of spell cast on me creating conflict when close to a woman.

Bewitching feelings also arise from fantasies which may beguile us. A young woman may be swept away by fantasies of her own desirability, and of a wonderful man claiming her. Such fantasies, if they dominate, may cause the young woman to unwisely enter relationships with men who are other than the fantasy images she projects upon them.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is the dream spell doing to me, and how does that relate to my waking life?

Is there any way indicated in the dream for me to undo the spell?

Can I understand the spell in a real sense and not in its symbolism, and undo it?

Try Being the Person or Thing.

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