This amazing word is so difficult to sum up, because it is beyond everything we know, desire, want; beyond life itself and so we may live in hope for it.

I remember as a child that the part of school lane that was just past the school was an unknown territory, and it seemed like my world ended there. It was beyond anything I knew, and yet one day I went beyond it and discovered a whole new world of experience.

Example: I was with a group of men and boys. There was another young man who did not belong to this group, and did things by himself. I had to follow him to see what he was up to. It was said to be against union rules or something. I followed him through a village street looking like a Hans Anderson type village. To keep up with him I leaned into the air and using the air as support through arching my body, flew after him. Then I was out of the village near the edge of a cliff. But there did not seem to be anything such as sea or landscape beyond the cliff. I could not see this, only had the impression of vast emptiness. But a strong wind blew, and curving my arms backwards the wind lifted me like a kite. An old man and boy watched from below as I flew. I could manoeuvre for the uplift by moving my arms. But sometimes the wind was so strong I could not go where I wanted.

Example: Went to a hilly place. A small pond was on this knoll. Beyond it, above a crest in the hill, was a shimmering haze. I threw a stone through the haze and a stone came out of it precisely on the same arc, like a mirror effect. I threw another stone and the same thing happened, both stones falling in the pond behind me. I felt the haze was another dimension, a sort of reflection, so whatever went in came out. I believe I then went to put my hands through the haze and a pair of hands reached out to mine, but they were feminine.

So beyond can deal with your hidden inner world, your feeling of going beyond what you knew and so the discovery of problems, difficulties, people of even wonders – if you dare to go beyond.

Example:  The poem “Like Bells” and the story “A Tear Dropped in the Ocean” are both so precious and moving. The story, especially, is touching to the core as I walk the road with two friends who have recently lost their husbands, and a third who is being treated for cancer. That simple act of dropping a tear expresses all the emotions swirling within us that goes beyond words.

While I was watching an episode of Star Trek – Enterprise, I had a powerful emotional reaction to it, one of wonder, curiosity and excitement. I cried out, “What the fuck does it all mean?” and I felt my question was being answered. This was followed by a sense that I had entered a different state of mind or awareness.

Sometimes I feel as if I go beyond my everyday self and touch a much bigger something. The first experience of this was as if a voice was talking to me, but it wasn’t just words, but was an understanding about what I was told. To start with, “Tony, when you were young you went Beyond.” I understood this to mean when I was about nine or ten I had a surgical operation on my nose. I was given an anal anaesthesia and during it I fought the nurses because it felt as if I were dying and so went beyond my normal awareness.

In the present experience, I was told I had experienced death and the experience was so vast but never remembered at the time, but had influenced my life extraordinarily. I had not died physically, but even so I had experienced death and went beyond myself. The going beyond was still working in my life, and so I was told the following:

It was that in a few years’ time, the world situation would worsen, a chaotic situation would occur. I was warned that it was good that we would be living in rural surroundings because it would not be so bad there, but even so it would be wise to protect oneself.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where does the beyond lead me or suggest?

Is to a known beyond or is it somewhere you know?

What does the beyond suggest?

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