To receive a bill often symbolises a bill of reckoning. In other words, something you have done or thought, is now producing consequences that have to be paid for. For USA Bill, See: Money; cheque.

Something being asked of you that you might not like – what you owe to others. It might also be past actions catching up with you, either in a negative or positive way. It can be a reminder of something you need to do or attend to.

A bill you have can suggest what you are willing to pay or give of yourself in your growth toward becoming more fully yourself. If the bill relates to others it can either suggest what they owe you – in terms of the service, or what of yourself, you have given them – or what they are giving or willing to give in the way they are relating to you or working with you.

If presented to someone else: Something you feel is owed to you or something you want from someone else.

If presented to you: Something you owe someone, or something being asked of you by someone.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the bill given or received?

If received, what have I got to pay for, and how does that relate to me?

If given, what have I done, or what from the past does it relate to?

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