May be referring to sexual feelings. For instance if it is a full bladder, then it is either the pressure of sexual feelings or need to release tension.

The bladder and the control or release of urine are also deeply involved in our power of self control or lack of it. As a child we learn to control our bladder and the way we learn this may deeply colour our feelings about being in control or losing control’ or even about facing peoples view of us – after all wetting oneself was taboo.

Because the bladder also connects with sexual feelings there is a likelihood that the problem with control is about what is happening between your conscious will and your natural urges. In fact an enormous amount of dream energy is given to exploring how the conscious personality and the natural urges and wisdom can find some way of integration and harmony.

The bursting of the bladder or the loss of control can also indicate a way you are surrendering your conscious will and allowing the natural in you, your core self, to enter your life more fully. Or else it is to do with loss of control of emotions. Better to release them at an appropriate time. See control.

Example: I dreamed I was urinating. (BTW, I am male). In the dream I was having severe pain in my bladder and genitals. As I urinated, I began to pass bright red blood only ….forcing out all liquid from my bladder. As the flow ceased, I could feel my bladder refilling with blood and it would start over again. This went on for a few cycles until I woke myself up. Unfortunately I have had pain now there since the dream (for about 4 days).

Korey – At the lowest it suggests a loss of enormous energy from your genital – at the highest point it is a warning of a physical condition. Sometimes such warning come way before any signs are there, but even so you should get checked out b a doctor. Say that you have had days of pain there.

I often bleed heavily from my bladder. It is a small blood vessel that ruptures and I cure it by taking plenty of vitamin C – which strengthens the capillaries. But I did have it checked out.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there indication of a struggle to control or loss of control in the dream?

What am I letting go of in my life?

Is there something I am struggling to control?

Do my sexual urges enter in any way into this dream or what it suggests?

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-Linda 2015-06-09 12:42:52

This is a great interpretation of this dream! I tend to use this type of dream interpretation to figure out my own waking life experiences. Lately, problems with my own bladder has had me baffled. But reading this interpretation regarding control, a focus on control, and judgment from others (“peoples view of us”) has really helped me understand what this is about. This fits nicely! Thank you!

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-11 9:30:36

    Dear Linda – Thank you for your feedback about applying the symbols on your waking life as well and how you use your body as a communication device too.
    I believe that in Life helpful communcation can be found everywhere when we listen to IT.
    Perhaps this is an inspiring read for you too?
    Anna 🙂

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