Most often relates to emotional or psychological hurt, but can also depict physical injury, or presentiment of it. Emotional hurt could mean hurtful remarks, for instance being told we are not loved – these can sap our motive to live and may be depicted as blood. The bleeding might show a psychological injury, often from past trauma, which is causing you to lose energy or motivation.

Sometimes the blood can be a sacrament. As such it is not shown as emerging from an injury or wound but as nourishment, wine or bloody meat. See blood.

Blood flowing from a crack: Possibly menstruation or loss of virginity.

Blood on the ground: Someone hurt or dead.

Bloody clothes: Personal emotional hurt or injury, perhaps even death of someone.

Blood Sample: This can represent many things depending upon the rest of the dream. It could suggest an illness, a way of tracing your identity with DNA, or it could be a drug test. It needs to be explored to be sure. Try using Talking As or Processing Dreams

Blood sucked from you or sucking from another: Feeling that you are losing your very life force to someone, or taking energy and life from someone else. Sometimes sex is felt as this. The umbilical connection in the womb is sometimes felt as the life giving connection that if cut off prematurely, is such a loss that expenditure of energy in sex may be felt as vampirism.

In sexual dreams: May refer to loss of virginity, menstruation or fertility; or hurt to sexual drive.

See archetype of blood.

Idioms: After ones blood; bleeding heart; bleed someone white; blood boil/run cold; blood brother; blood is thicker than water; blood letting; blood money; blood on ones hands; blood out of a stone; blood relative; blood sucker; blue blood; cold/hot blood; draw blood; fresh blood; in the blood; in my blood; ones heart bleeds; out for blood; sweat blood; taste blood; young blood.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part of my body – or the body – is the blood coming from, and what does that suggest about any hurt I may be suffering? (Look up part of body).

What is my relationship with the blood in terms of what I feel, my interaction or how I deal with it?

What can I understand from the theme and drama of the dream in terms of my life giving processes?

See theme; drama. Also Processing Dreams.


-Claire Moran 2017-09-10 9:47:36

I have been stopped from seeing my grandchildren, for no reason other than my stepdaughter has issues shall we say. one minute she was saying I was more of a mother to her than her own mum…then she did something bad by breaking my trust and turned my side of my family against me. I have been in her life since she was 6 she’s now 27. I have never done anything wrong by her infact the opposite, too much kindness my other children say. so I haven’t seen my grandchildren for 12 months and lately I keep having nightmares that the eldest one who’s 4 keeps getting hurt, first he fell and knocked his front teeth out…due to her not watching him on a swing and hurt his knees and hands, then làst night another where he fell again because she again wasn’t watching him and he had smashed his face in all his forehead was bleeding, and his nose and chin and he was shouting for me and my magic kisses, its tearing me apart. please tell me what it means? is it a sign to get in touch with her….because he misses me? or am I reading too much into it?
your help would be much appreciated…

    -Tony Crisp 2017-09-11 8:56:05

    Hi – It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – and also which has so much information in.

    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – or


    Claire – Your love and care for your grandchild can trigger your mothering instincts with a vengeance. Being female and a grandmother holds with it an enormously increased anxiety about children. You see all manner of things that might be a threat, and I believe that is what such dreams show. Your imagination for such dangers is enormously increased. This is natural in all mammals, and acts as a warning making you aware. It helps to check whether your child or children are okay, and if they are, say to the part of you that is worried, “It’s okay, I checked, but thanks for keeping me on my toes, you can relax now.”

    Such troubles erupt in the best of families, and I have found that knowing I love the children helps me wait patiently for things to change. Also imagine you are with them and the love – not the anxious feelings – you are feeling is keeping them safe.

-Julie McDaniel 2016-01-15 15:02:33

I dream that I am hemorrhaging from my hand, and as fast as I put towels on it, they soak through, so I start running to my husband, who is way off in the distance. As I am running, I get woozy and die on the pavement before I reach him. He is having cancer surgery in three weeks and I am so frightened this has something to do with him.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-01-21 14:56:07

    Dear Julie –I believe that your experience of death in your dream can be a way of “reaching your husband” by knowing what it feels like – on a psychological level – if you are faced with “the loss of life” inside you. It feels like an attempt to understand what your partner is going through now, so that you will be able to “reach out to him again.”
    The bleeding hand could symbolise that it is there where you feel deeply hurt – not being able to reach (out to) him; to give to him – now that he is confronted with thoughts and feelings that are probably new to both of you. Your dream could be an attempt to “bridge the gap” between your world of thoughts and feelings and his’.
    It might also show that you feel that your husband is not capable of supporting you to help you deal with the fears and worries that are part of your process too.
    Your death might then express that the pain and the loss you are going through will lead to the “death of your old self”, so that a “new you” can be born.
    Whenever you feel like it, you can explore your dream by using “Being the person”
    Best wishes to you and your husband Julie and please let me know if you have any questions.
    Anna 🙂

-Ella 2015-11-19 22:44:18

I had a dream, it was in first person, someone told me there was blood on my top, I looked down and my white top was covered in blood. I kept saying my heart had hemorrhaged. I ended up at hospital within a blink of an eye and I don’t know if I’d always been there. I didn’t goto a&e and I kept shouting about having a hemorrhage while in the waiting area. A nurse came around the corner and it was my ex’s dad’s friend from work who I’ve met and seen the day before, she said Ella what’s wrong and I said I’ve got a hemorrhage then she was like yeah you need help now and that was the end of the dream. I remember looking down at the bloody tshirt the most, alongside shouting about the hemorrhage, then it’s the ex’s dad’s friend. I can see it all as clear as day.

What do you think this means??

I’d appreciate any help.

I also had a dream a couple weeks ago where I gave birth to my baby in a car and at hospital the nurse gave me the baby while we were standing and I was shaking and when she passed the baby over I dropped it. Also the sex of the baby kept changing.

Please help with his as well.

Greatly appreciated.

-eclipot 2015-09-20 12:58:32

In my dream I was lying in bed like I normally am and felt a little bump on my buttcheeck, I squeezed it a bit and a little rubber-like lump came out followed by a unstoppable stream of blood. It was flowing like water from a faucet. But It seemed like a lot of tissue came out as well, like my guts were spilling out of this tiny hole. I tried to put pressure on it but nothing worked. I felt myself getting lightheaded and I was about to pass out when suddenly I woke up. Weird thing is, I was lying in the same position as I was in my dream. And not long after, my mom called out for me saying she was bleeding.

-Brittney 2015-07-01 0:33:03

I’ve dreamt that I am walking to my car, as I am walking I am chewing on a nail. I swallow it and I start to cough up spit and mucus, I start to get dizzy and when I look down I am bleeding out of my throat. I run to the car where my fiancé and boss are and they just look at me with blanked faces.. Then I black out and I wake up!

-RENAYE 2015-06-26 18:34:45


    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-06-28 9:49:39

    Dear Renaye – Dreams can be an expression of what is happening in the physical body and also a presentation in symbols of past traumatic experience. If these are met this can lead to deep psychological healing. Such dreams are therefore an attempt on the part of our spontaneous inner processes to bring about healing change.
    A bleeding vagina in your dream can therefore be an expression of your physical body – your period – and it can also be an expression of your psychological body; your fears about sexuality and femininity, or hurts to your emotions connected with sexual relatedness.
    You do not reveal what you felt in your dreams. If we take away the images and events occurring in a dream and simply look to see what feelings or emotions are evident, the dream is often more understandable than if we try to interpret the symbols. Feelings in dreams are nearly always undistorted. We therefore do not need to interpret them, simply to recognise them and see if we can recognise where they occur in waking life.
    Anna 🙂

-Michellene 2014-07-14 8:57:54

what does it mean if i dream about my hand bleeding but i dont see the blood coming from my hand.and then there is a pool of blood laying n the floor by my feet.

-Rhonda Cannon 2014-07-04 16:13:22

Dreamt my grandsons right
forearm was bloody and raw . He and his high school girlfriend ( now out off college) they been broke up for 4 years , were visiting me and I seen his arm when they were leaving !

My new email is :
It rejected it saying error ? Please send to new address.

-gina 2014-05-05 16:30:30

I am 54, yet I dreamt of bleeding so heavily, (like mestruation) soaking furniture & telling someone to call for an ambulance.

    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-06 8:36:16

    Gina – The calling for an ambulance in a dream is often a sign that you are calling for help. Sometimes dreams show a physical condition ages before it shows in waking life. So it is worth while getting a medical check just in case.

    But if it isn’t that it shows a massive energy loss, somehow linked with your genitals.


-sneha 2012-03-01 7:45:04

I see blood coming out of dead person…also sometimes blood spread all over the ares and some times just fallen some where… bt all happens in darkness

    -Tony Crisp 2012-03-01 10:16:10

    Sneha – Dreams such as yours show that you are either ill and need to see a doctor, or that you are constantly worried and feeling bad things.

    Something I found years ago, and I believe it applies to everybody, is that when we think about certain things it leads to awful feelings, fear, or even a sense that life is dreadful. Every time we think about those things it always leads to the same feelings. It is like a recording we put on and it is always the same result. But many of us do not see that what we think creates the feelings. Fortunately I was shown how the things I was thinking and feeling always led to intense misery.

    Of course they are habits and maybe lasted a lifetime, so it takes perseverance to change habits. But that is a lot better than being miserable all the time. So please see and view it to the end where he tells how he escaped from hell; for it sounds from your dreams of darkness and blood, you have created a hell.


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