Blind Blindness

An inability or unwillingness to understand or agree to something. An inability to see something about yourself, or to be aware of what your intuition is telling you.

Unwillingness or inability to ‘see’ something; losing sight of something; not seeing traits which we don’t like about ourselves or others or feelings of not knowing or being clear about where you are going in life. Could also suggest moving into things or a relationship you do not understand; feeling lost or vulnerable; concealing something from yourself or others.

Eric Ackroyd, in his book A Dictionary of Dream Symbols, points out that within our psyche we usually know where we are going, and have a wider picture of our life. So blindness would suggest a refusal to see what we innately know. We may therefore need to seek this insight by considering what experiences or attitudes hold us from being clear about what we want to do and be.

Idioms: Blind impulse; none so blind; turn a blind eye; blind leading blind; blind alley. See: eyes.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is my dream suggesting I cannot or do not want to see?

If someone else is blind in my dream what are they failing to see – or what are they aware of that I am not?

If I imagine being in the dream and seeing, what will I see?

For help doing this see Stand in Role or Easy Dream Interpretation.


-Rose 2017-03-15 16:31:16

Hi, I had a dream I was blind temporarily I saw complete darkness but after a few minutes I am able to see again. Do you have interpretation about it?

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