Blockage Blocked

Usually depicts restrained or held back emotions, energy or thoughts. Common areas of blockage are the throat, where words or feelings can be blocked by tension or restraints such as anger or helplessness; the chest, most often the store of emotions perhaps from many years ago; the genitals where we might block desire, hunger and the basic movement of our body toward pleasure.

The blockage might be shown in our dreams as a river being dammed, a traffic jam, a piece of machinery clogged, or some part of our body not functioning smoothly. Talking about the dream images and feelings associated with the dream with a sympathetic friend can help to release the block. Occasionally such a dream shows a problem in the body itself. So if the dream has that sort of feeling have a health check. See the example under blister.

The following description illustrates the origins and way to release such a blockage.

A friend told me he had a discomfort in his throat that had lasted for some weeks. He had been to the doctor, fearing cancer of his throat, but had been told there was no physical problem there. So we decided to sit together and see if we could penetrate what the discomfort was about.

I suggested he feel the discomfort and then make any sound that expressed what he felt. He slowly began to cough and moan. Gradually he began to experience emotions that led him to shout and express anger. As the feelings and anger mounted he could see what it was he was holding in his throat. He told me that his father had worked all his life at a gasworks shovelling coal to produce gas. This exposed him to excessive coal dust, and eventually he died from the lung problem this produced. So his anger was about how a man could be used in that way in an uncaring industry. But also, as his father was dying, the doctor asked him if he should give his father an injection that would lessen his pain and that would cause him to sleep till he died. He agreed to this, but his personal pain was that he had not told his father how much he loved him before he died, and all those feelings had been blocked in his throat. So with much crying and many declarations of love, he felt the blockage clear.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Where does the dream show the blockage is – and where in my body or mind does that point to? See body.

Does my dream suggest any way I can free the blockage?

If I imagine myself clearing the blockage while awake, can I feel a change in myself?

To help with this see carry the dream forward also Arm Circling Meditation.

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