Bloom Blooming

If we watch a flower bloom we see it pas through various stages. The form of a bud; the opening of the bud, and the full blooming of the flower. But then it fades and possibly forms seeds. So a flower is the sexual organ of a plant or tree,  and sometimes it is  used as such in dreams. But it is also seen in many other ways.

Because we can see its whole process of growth we often use it to symbolise our own growth and flowering. We can experience a flowering of our sexual nature; a flowering or our creative abilities; also a feeling of flowering as a person and finding satisfaction. If we have not flowered and produced seeds then we may feel we have not satisfied a deep need in ourselves. See: flowers.

A bloom may cause us to feel beauty or even wonder. They may indicate a sense of abundance, profusion, beauty, happiness, prosperity, or even God’s love for you. Certainly flowers are used in expressing love or affection.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I feel about the flower or the bloom in my dream?

Do I feel as if I am blooming or that I lack the feeling?

Is there any sexual feelings in the dream, or any indicated?

What do I associate with the bloom/blooming in the dream?

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