The unfolding and expression of what was latent within from the beginning.


-Ntebo 2016-10-12 14:02:46

I dreamt, in a dream I was pressed and wanted to use a loo. As I got to the toilets, the first one was very dirty. But a security guard adviced that I should check the one he thought was clean. He opened the door and indeed it seemed clean. But as I was about to sit and relieve myself, therefore I noticed a lot of menstruation under the toilet seat. I tried to take tissue to wipe the seat. But now I realised this tissue/toilet paper was deeped in shit. I left it and saw a much cleaner one. But As I touched that one, the roll inside had wet blood. What does this mean?

-Avery 2013-03-06 10:45:54

Hello Mr Crisp. I just had a dream that I was at grocery store, but i was getting ready for some type of event. I had to change my clothes because The red lining of my pants didn’t match the red lining of my shoes. That is what people were saying in the dream, so I changed my pants. But I change the outfit back because it matched to me. As soon as I was ready to go to this event, someone was trying to stab me for a drop of my blood. Even though this force was strong, I fought it. I had friends to help me fight this it. We succeed in stabbing him right in the middle of his head. We took its blood. Then I was awaken. I felt so week, I couldn’t barley make a fist after. Can you please help me to understand this dream? Thank you kindly for your time.

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