Feelings that undermine confidence and well being; might depict feelings about a relationship, perhaps with mother. Feeling stuck in a situation or relationship or feelings of depression.

When the earth is like a bog, or does not support you, it is usually because you are feeling very insecure at the time of the dream. Ask yourself how you find or maintain confidence, and move back to firmer ground.

It can suggest you are in an emotional bog, uncertain ground, having loose footing, and feeling insecure. Bogs and swamps are like a dark and formless power that can rob you of all you will and suck you down into darkness. But they are also a promise of rebirth if you are not afraid. See Nothing Can Hurt You in Your Dreams

If it is someone else’s body:  It usually a part of you that you are unaware of that need attention and help.

If the body is of the opposite sex: It can represent your own longings or sexual needs tat have been lost in negative emotions or having lost our way in uncertainty.

If it is  dead body: It may be showing that a part of you has been neglected so long it is shown in your dream as dead. You have probably repressed a side of you or been frightened of expressing it.

If in you are up to your waist in a bog or marsh: There is always a way out of such situations. You can call for help to any individual or hero figure or saint. Or use carry the dream forward

Example: I am now in the countryside. The landscape is pale watery green. It is bright and sunny. I am at a raised bog. Part of the bog has been cut away and the sods of turf laid out in a semi circle on the grass to dry out in the sun. Beneath the green grassy top the sods are dark brown peaty colour.

The dreamer says of this – Here goes my interpretation: This is about trying to uncover all the issues in my life that have built up and left me confused and depressed – the bog. By exposing them to the sun – awareness – they can be come fuel /energy?

Example: The following dream has a very deep meaning and a clear guidance-message: The dreamer is in a dark, swampy forest. It is night. He has lost his way and is desperate, not knowing where to go, wallowing in the morass . . . He is not religious, but he falls on his knees and begins to pray, imploring the Higher Forces to help him out of this predicament and to show him the way!. . Suddenly a clear ray of light appears from the black sky, moving and showing a stable way among the boggyness. He rushes forward! But after several steps on the right path — he loses it and feels very frightened and lonely. He falls on his knees again, praying and begging for guidance and help. . . The golden ray reappears from above, leading him out of the dark and swampy dangerous forest. . Three or four times he goes astray, losing the right way. The helpful golden beam always reappears after he offers a sincere and deep prayer to be shown the right direction, where to go, the way out of the darkness and bog. . . His prayer was right: he asked no favors, no gifts, only the right way.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I felt ‘bogged down’ in any way lately?

Do I feel stuck and not known how to change?

Have I asked Life for help as in the example?

See Facing Fear and  Life Changes


-kelly 2017-01-01 17:52:41

Hi had a dream that I was driving a pretty large speed boat out on the bay with my kids in the back seat . It was a beautiful day but the water became choppy and I became fearful that I wouldn’t be able to control the boat against large waves. I could feel the boat catching air so I warned my kids to hold on tight. Then a large wave stood before the boat and I could not see passed it. In the end I think we ended up in a different city from where we live.

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