Bogey Man – Boogey Man

This is usually thought as a dark and threatening figure described to children to get them to ‘be good’ take their medicine or generally to scare them. It has its place in nearly every culture.

But if we take it out of its folklore connection we find it clearly in fears children have and also we can see how their imagination can take certain images and create awful terror for them – especially if they are anxious or threatened children.

This was very clear one day when my three children slept in a basement room. My eldest son Mark was telling the other two stories trying to frighten them. Strangely the two fell asleep, but Mark was so frightened by his own stories he could not sleep – the bogey man had got hold of his imagination and was torturing him.

In dreams this is extraordinarily clear and can be see in in terrible dreams in which either a dark and vague figure terrifies a person, or they have a nightmare of the devil – a real bogey man figure told to children (and adults to scare them into being ‘good’). See devil; Archetype of the Devil

 Example: I looked back to check over my baby self, to see if the recent massive experiences about premature birth needed any more attention. In general the area appeared okay, but I experienced the quiet life in the womb, and felt a tension in the chest area that seemed to have started at that point of my development in the womb. It manifested as the ache in the chest I have had so many years. On examining it I arrived at the sense of there being a basic anxiety about existing, as if behind the scenes there is a bogy man, the doctor with a knife, some dark figure that will come to give pain. The dark figure is basically someone who hasn’t got any love, and can therefore do one damage. This wasn’t a big issue though, and it was easy to deal with it once recognised.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I recognise the images or words that set the fear in place?

If I face the bogeyman and feel the feelings often it will go away.

What awful images have I taken in to haunt myself with?

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