Bounce Bouncing

bounce bouncing This has many meanings, everything from exhilaration to sexual excitement. It can also suggest that your not settled but bouncing around in you attitudes and responses, like not being able to have a clear idea of what you want or being indecisive.

In some dreams it is a lead up to a lucid experience. Or even that something you are trying to do bounces back and you have to start over again. Bouncing can even be a way of stimulating your energy and enabling you to change your situation or overcome something.

The bouncing of something in your dream can be a threat of something trying to reach you, or of a means of coming to your attention.

Example: Experience of bouncing in my dreams is quite common. Control of the ability to bounce is completely within my power. Great exhilaration is felt in realising this ability. Power to bounce up and down and also to travel by bouncing is experienced. If I want to examine something higher than six foot I can bounce up and with great facility alter my bodily position in whatever way I choose. Speed of bounce varies. Small bounces are always quick. As bounces become bigger they also become slower. The bigger and slower the bounce, the more enjoyable it is. Too big a bounce causes the experience to terminate and I awake. The vividness is so clear that even after waking up a great feeling of freshness and well-being continues. In travelling by bounce I seem to have to be more aware of what I am actually doing. It is not very familiar to me, as though I was learning to ride a bicycle. The result is that I am not as free to observe things as I would like to be. – In some dreams happiness and exhilaration may appear unpredictably -for example this dreamer’s relish in his supernormal bouncing powers.

Example: As I began to do the splits, my poor flexibility compromised the movement and my knees bent forward so that I fell forward into a kneeling position, legs spread. I began to bounce up and down and realised that I felt like a woman having sex. This felt weird but incredibly sexual. It felt good. My right hand moved to my imaginary clitoris and my perineum and rubbed. It felt intensely sexual but I wasn’t displaying outward signs of arousal.

Idioms: bounce back; dead-cat bounce; that’s the way the ball bounces.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How you would describe what the bounce is doing?

Is it threatening or exciting – is you or an object?

If you imagine yourself as the object what do you feel or realise?

Can you in fact use Being the Person or Thing and even Talking As the object or person/you?


-Joshua 2014-02-21 6:06:16

I bounce in my dreams sometimes , and i kind of float back down. Sometime I continue to bounce higher and higher to the point where its almost scary. I met my girlfriend and she also has the same dream , only other person I know that has . I just wondered the significance

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