This can indicate a desire to be married or find a partner. It often shows the dreamer gradually meeting his female half. See Archetype of the Anima

Female dream: Meeting or relating to the groom shows how well you are managing to relate fully to a man or your own male characteristics. Feelings about marriage or getting married. The following examples show the subtleties or difficulties of these situations.

Example: I am in a church attending a wedding.  Niki is the bride.  I am to escort her down the aisle.  I see her standing at the top of the aisle looking beautiful and serene.  She starts to walk down the aisle but suddenly she loses her balance and stumbles.  I sense that she is very nervous.  I rush to her side and hold her up.  She’s near panic.  I support her and earnestly whisper encouraging words in her ear.  I tell her I love her and everything will be alright.  …. We step across the rail and again she stumbles. Then she laughs nervously but with relief that she finally made it.  I let her go and she moves toward her groom.  She’s eager to join him.  She’s freed of her fear.

The dreamer is here dealing with her fears and sense of inadequacy in relating fully to a male, but she is helping and supporting that part of herself to move beyond past anxieties.

Male Dream: Feelings about marriage; attempt to integrate conscious and unconscious. But if you are a man it often, through the drama in the dream, shows what difficulties or success you have in relating fully to a woman or integrating your own female characteristics. See: marriage; example concerning marriage.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I facing any difficulties in this dream? If so what are they, and do they relate to my waking life?

If I imagine myself as the groom what do I feel and see about myself?

What have I been thinking or feeling lately about marriage or male female relationship, and what is the dream commenting on that?

What difficulties am I facing in relating to my own internal male/female?

See Stand in role and Talking with a dream character

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