The word or image of something broken enters into many areas of our life. It can be about a relationship, something in a house that might indicate a physical situation, a piece of equipment, a plant or object. Being broken indicates something is no longer working, that it has been clumsily used, worn out, or old and no longer something that can meet the demands of active life.

Something broken can also relate to oneself, as when we feel broken and hopeless or a failure, broken by events and people.

Look up the object or equipment elsewhere. For instance a broken water pipe could show either a physical weakness or that your way of channelling your emotions is no working well. See: damaged.

Useful questions are and hints:

What is it that is broken, and what does that indicate in me and my life?

Can this be mended or changed in any way?

Is this information I need to take seriously in regard to my health or my relationship?

Try using Being the Person or Thing and Talking As


-Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-20 8:34:55

Dear Sally – I wonder if you have shared the whole dreams; every detail, thought, feeling that you can remember;
What do you think and feel when you see the green glass angel that your sister bought you and what when you find the white ceramic angel that a friend sent you?
Do you pick them up?
Do you think about making the angels whole again or do you want to throw them away?
Feelings that are not owned, that are not allowed to be experienced in an open and honest way may sneak out disguised through the back door.
Most of the time we edit or control what we allow ourselves to think or feel and dropping this form of judgment, if only for short periods while you open to the mystery you are, is important. At first it may cause some concern because you are unblocking part of the flow, and it may start pushing out some of the attitudes, past experiences and habits that have been blocking your greater flow. Usually those things would have been cleansed in the normal LifeStream, but unconscious tensions and resistances prevent the healing. This is why we have to consciously take in hand the work of dropping our self-control for periods of time.
If you express your thoughts and feelings openly about what you have received and receive from your sister and friend, then what do you feel;
I look forward to hearing from you.
Anna 🙂

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