Build Building

build building This suggest that you are or are thinking of creating something new, a new idea or project. Our imagination and mind are constantly building things which show in our dreams as images. Our ideas and beliefs are the main builders, and it is a world we then live in. We build an inner world that few people realise they have, and that inner world constantly controls how they relate to and deal with the outer world, the people, animals and events we meet. Unfortunately we often build a terrible world inside us, and this leads to sickness, despair and depression. See Avoid Being Victims; Inner World

If you work in construction and building then you need to see whether the dream relates to your work situation.

The condition of your consciousness is usually represented by a building of some sort, and you can actually build an inner  world of your own. You do this by using your imagination as described in the  first example. Maybe you start out with a simple log cabin or Lodge. But you can gradually add things of beauty that you dream or feel.

Example: T kept guiding me to describe the lodge, and I continued to fill in the objects that were found inside, animal skin rugs, baskets, everyday objects for living in those simple ways. Then he was able to add some things he wanted in the lodge and we continued working together to create the space in our ‘joint imagination’. We continued building the lodge over the next few years, adding rooms or spaces for various things. There is a room for healing, a place with a beautiful natural spring where we can drink or bathe in healing waters. There is a gorgeous room full of silks and pillows for intimacy. And we developed spaces outside the lodge as well. There are two beautiful tropical coves, one with a cave and white sands and another with black sands. All of these spaces evolved over time either through guided meditations by the two of us together, or as we individually meditated and then shared what we had done with the other. It was an incredible experience building these sacred spaces together.

So, my belief is that this process of Envisioneering, envisioning building a sacred space either for oneself or with another/others is an amazing tool that can be used by any of us to explore a part of ourselves working with the Unseen World. It has been a wonderful way for me to incorporate the gifts I have been given in my dreams into some structure where I have them accessible to me for healings. I find that these gifts/beings, whether they are animal spirits, mythical creatures, feathers, crystals, whatever, have really thrived by being acknowledged for their abilities and have responded heartily to being invited to share a healing space with all manner of others. Dakota

Here is a simple example of the dreamers wonderful fantasy becoming real in a dream.

Example: I hire my brother and Ron (a co-worker) to build an addition on a small house near my Aunts. Ron goes ahead and makes it look like an airplane and it appears it actually will be able to fly. I am not happy at first but then I like the idea only I am concerned my brother will be upset and also I am worried about how to pay for it. I decide to pay Ron $100 a month. He seems happy as he just wants to do it. A lot of people come to see it. I plan an open house with refreshments for when it is done. Barb

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I building or doing in my dream?

Am I building something nourishing or destructive?

Do I want to change the things I have built.

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