Sometimes, because of many films showing laboratories as places of awful experiments, we might use the image in our dreams to mean show how we are torturing ourselves with fears and ideas. But it might also reflect what we sense about our relationship with the prevalent world viewpoint and way of life. See Archetype of the Paradigm

If you have worked in a laboratory you will need to find what you associations are. See Easy Dream Interpretation

The laboratory can also indicate your own ability to test ideas and life experience to arrive at a clearer view. Also it can be a way of dealing with ones own problems, as the following example shows.

Example: Remembered a short dream. In it I was holding a test tube, in the setting of a laboratory. In it was my own shit, and apparently I had been eating a little of my own shit each day, but this was the last of what I needed to eat. I realised this with much relief, but still found it difficult to face eating the small amount left.

Example: Then I drop out of the dream scene and it changes such that it shows there’s an upstairs part, the building that this laboratory is in — which I haven’t been to or any of the other search party either — and there is my sister-in-law along with several other females that this man has kept prisoner. They’re up on a second story and they can’t get out, and they don’t even know that we’re searching for them, even though we’ve gone past outside. It’s a foggy day and they couldn’t see thru the windows that we were outside on the path.

Human experience leaps beyond the laboratory. When we put together the massive information gathered from people’s experience of dreaming over the centuries, the mystery of sleep and dreams speaks to us of many possibilities. Tens of thousands of hours have been spent by individuals exploring their dreams in therapeutic settings. From their experience we can see that dreams link with an internal process that attempts to move toward the healing of internal trauma and tension. For many people such work has been life transforming. From it they have learned that the dream process continually attempts personal growth. They have remembered life before birth, they have realised that their awareness is a thing of many dimensions. See Answer to Critics and Levels of Awareness


Useful Questions and Hints:

Was I part of an experiment or doing one?

What was happening in connection with the laboratory?

Have I ever worked in a laboratory?

Is there a Because Factor in your dream? Or can you be the person/yourself in the dream – Stand in role

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