Business Woman/Man

The businessman or woman in your dream represents your ability to function well in the working world, it can also indicate a shrewdness about people and their ability. But it can represent something in you that only thinks of making money without concern for other people, a sort of scrambling to get to the top trampling on other people. We can see this in the massive difference between the rich and the poor.

Example: A businesswoman I knew from my hometown is there and tries to quietly tell me not to let these people put anything over on me. She was in business 30 years and had insurance and people try to take advantage. She says this while walking down the aisle to go to the bathroom and is trying not to be obvious.

This is an example of the dreamer’s shrewd assessment of people around her, who may try to take advantage of her.

Example: As I am jogging, I see a group of people, mostly men, all in a bunch, talking. They have plates that are valuable and are sales men or business men. I have a stack of 6-8 china plates myself, but I’m just carrying them, I’m not trying to sell them. They are looking for the rich old man to do business with.

Here is a woman dreamer who is walking in the business world and summing it up.

Example: The apparent mask has suddenly a face sticking out, and wants to talk to me. I do not remember what it says to me in the first part, but then it asks me if I have taught about properties? It’s something I should think about in my future planning. I answer that I do not know anything about business. The mask replies that I should think about it. So I ask about love, but then it responds that the time has not come yet. In the next part of the dream, I’m in the office with a lady. She is skinny. She is a headmistress of a school. She has a gold chain in her hand. She waves with it, and tells that she has been working/studying shamanism.

And this example shows how the business and shrewd mask can give advice that is useful to the dreamer.

Idioms: business as usual; fifth business;  get down to business; got no business; like nobody’s business; mean business; mind your own business; monkey business; no business; risky business; strictly business; take care of business.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was the feeling of the business man/woman – was it an advisor, a person with insight into people and opportunity, or a trickster?

What was I doing in the dream?

If it was an unsatisfying ending could I alter it? See Secrets of Power Dreaming

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