A butcher may denote a fear of another person’s anger; or being a butcher symbolise your own aggressiveness. Or it can represent material philosophy, worldly attitudes, lack of love and feeling. An aspect of you that makes dead think appetisable and edible.

It can represent some some form of aggression, either directed to others, or toward yourself. May also relate to dealing with parts of your life that are dead but hold useful functions or experience.

Someone who feels easy about killing things and cutting them up. So it could point to either your inturned anger which is often about frustration, or emotional pain which becomes an urge to hurt yourself. One dream suggests it is about tearing yourself apart to find out where the pain comes from.

Example: Woman: I am the transpersonal Feminine, and I come in a Sherlock Holmes cape so that you will use your skills of detection and get the meaning of my lesson. You really need to get this lesson. So just experience the position you are in, and look, and put the pieces together.

Judith: I GET IT, pure and simple. With my “Knife-Wielding” Feminine self, I have too often “cast a Male Shadow” for people to see in order to protect myself from attack. I have raised my fists in anger, I have opted for analysis, psychologizing and thinking things through, rather than experiencing the fear or passion or love or vulnerability of the moment. I have taken controlling positions in my work, rather than owning up to my own feelings of insecurity. In my fight for ridding my life of sexism, I became possessed and outshadowed by my own masculinity, and became male-like in a fight which I thought was against men. Allowing the Feminine in me to live and breathe felt like asking for assault and sure death. The so-called resistance was always against experiencing the Feminine. I have either been personally oppressed and weakened by the Masculine, or I have become Masculine myself, and in either case, there has been no room for the Feminine.

It is obvious that there is a subtle payoff in allowing male domination to continue and in staying stuck in “Knife-Wielding.” However, our Feminine selves, in all of their myriad forms, become flat, pale, weak and passive, suffocated, and we do not then have to experience them. Aspects of our Feminine selves become bloodied and butchered by our own hands. A “right” relationship with the Masculine would allow the Feminine to emerge; we would have to experience the very thing we have feared all along: our Feminine selves in their full form.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is your relationship with the butcher?

What is the butcher doing?

If you imagine yourself as the butcher what do you feel.

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