Your dream cactus may be suggesting that you are confronting a situation in life in which you can be hurt if you are not careful.

Some cacti also act as hallucinogens so if you know this the cacti could depict your ability to shift your state of mind.

The cactus is also a very hardy plant, capable of living in very dry and infertile environments. Your dream might well be using this to point to a situation in your life in which you feel lacking in some way. See: desert.

Is it something or someone you can’t ‘pick up’ because they are so prickly?

Example: T. seems very impressed with a kind of cactus plant at an open air market/nursery. She takes a picture of it. Leach is the name of the salesman? The photographer? That I see in the picture. The plant costs $14,000.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling I need to be careful in handling a relationship or situation?

Is somebody, or am I, being very prickly?

Am I in a dry and sterile situation at the moment?

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