Calf of Body

This represents your physical ability to get about in the world. Or the ability to do the many things your calves enables you to do, such as dancing, stand on tiptoe, and also be nimble on your feet. So it can be about your abilty to stand up and be mobile or strong psychologically.

In some dreams calf is used as a measurement to see how deep water or mud is when walking, or dress length.

The calf is also an easy part of you for some animals to attack, as in the example.

Example: I was still walking along the roads in this town that looked as if it were in Central Europe somewhere, not at all modern in its buildings or feeling. As I walked another dog began to follow me. This one looked aggressive and seem to be excited by my anxiety. I made the mistake of starting to hurry away, and the dog bit at my calf while my back was to it. I now turned to face the dog and it backed away but certainly did not run away. It was waiting to see what I was going to do. I had no weapon and could only stand and face it, wondering if the situation would now degenerated with other dogs or people starting to surround me.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was happening in my dream that related to my calf?

If it was injured how did the injury happen?

Was there a because factor involved? See Because Factor

Try Acting on your dream.

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