(See: calf body) Because it is a baby animal it can represent your own childhood, and your dependent link with your mother. It might also suggest feelings about a baby or your feelings about babies. The calf might also be associated with food or money if you are a farmer or in the food industry. See: Animal.

In some dreams calf is used as a measurement to see how deep water or mud is when walking, or dress length.

The calf is new life striving to survive in the world.

There is also the fatted calf, which if dreamt of represents the return of ones will to the highest in you rather than giving your life to grabbing everything for oneself. If you do not know what the highest in you is, ask your dreams to show you and give you a taste of it.

Example: I dreamt I was a disembodied observer watching a young calf with its mother cow. There was a sheepdog with the calf. Because the calf was new-born the dog was stronger, but it was a friend of the calf. They were following the mother over the hill behind where I used to live. As they went over the top of the hill the calf became stronger. At the bottom of the hill, there was a stile. The cow tried to crawl under the stile, but got stuck. It appeared almost to be dying, lying flattened to the ground, looking no bigger than the calf. As it was lying there, the calf and the dog were lying together patiently waiting. They were curled up on the ground together, motionless. Then a change occurred, and the mother cow seemed to gain strength. The calf and the dog then leapt and danced together like two dogs playing.

The dream was explored by the dreamer and he said, “The hill behind the house I lived in was a huge barrier for me as a young boy. My house was on the edge of fields in which were cows and cart horses. I felt so small and scared by them; but gradually I found the courage to cross the hill to visit a friend. So the dream is about feeling vulnerable and yet with the dog, which is the life that supports and cares for me and gives me confidence, and the mother who was a powerful mother, I made a big change in my life by facing things I had been scared of. Also when I got to the stile – the other side of which was the place my loved grandmother had lived – it felt like I had to died to reach my dead grandmother. Then all the strength I had inherited from my mother rose up and I danced with the feeling of life in me – life that was at the same time death, for I was no longer afraid of death.”

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do my feelings suggest this is pointing to my own childhood – if so what is my dream showing me?

What has been recently born into my life?

Am I meeting dependent feelings in a relationship?

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