Can Tin

Cans or tins are mentioned in so many ways in the dreams I have in my collection that it is impossible to give general meanings. You have canned soup, tin shed or tin roof, a tin of tobacco, tin toys, tin art work and so on. So it would be helpful to read Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

But if it is canned food or goods, it probably indicates something that has been kept in good condition for ages and can now be used or accessed. It might help if you used Being the Person or Thing. It could also be softness or protection. If a can it can suggest storage of memories or nourishing feelings and experiences.

Example: I dreamed that I was eating a tin of sardines in a house with friends, although none of the friends were people I actually know in real life, just made-up dream friends. As I was eating the sardines I noticed that they were quite large pieces of fish. There was a giant piece of tail I took a bite of, then I noticed that there was a large whole eel underneath the chopped fish.

The eel started to move and lift its head as I backed away from the tin, startled. Then I realized that to wasn’t an eel, but an otter. It was covered in slime from the sardine tin, but it crawled out and began running around the room. My friends and I looked on in disbelief and when it went for the screen door, I gave it a nudge to let the otter outside. My friends started yelling at me for letting it out, but I didn’t see why we should keep it captive.

The dream shows the man living out of a tin – artificially preserved lifestyle. But in eating the fish, something from his real life feelings he finds a living experience that he gives it freedom of expression.

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