A capital city can represent the core values, social order and culture the nation has developed – good or ill. It can also mean the living centre of you, a great power in your life.

Capital letters: Usually means emphasis or importance. 

Capital cities such as London, Tokyo, Moscow, unless the home of the dreamer can depict: Material opportunity; central issues in dreamer’s life; the core sense of self, around which other issues revolve.

If somewhere like Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca: Then one’s central religious drives and ideas.

If you were born there: See the entry under city and town.

See: city and town.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I associate with the capital – is it opportunity; the big time; being a small fish in a big pond – what?

Does my dream suggest this is something I am experiencing in connection with my central feelings and motivations?

Is this a holy city – if so what of my own experience does this link with?

What am I doing or seeking in the capital, and am I doing or seeking that in waking?

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