This might be an indication either that you fear the failure or overturning of a project, situation or relationship – or that you have an intuition of it.  Obviously it is important to define which it is for yourself. It is also important for you to note what the rest of the dream imagery is suggesting about the capsize. The point about a capsize is that it is unplanned and often unexpected, but it can be righted. See carry the dream forward

For instance, does the capsize occur in a stressful situation – such as a canoe going down rapids? Or does it happen without apparent cause?

Or has something ‘upset’ you?

Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel any threats of failure or upset at the moment?

Am I in a stressful situation at the moment and fear for my ability to survive it well?

Are there suggestions coming from others that I am heading for a downfall?

Try using Acting on your dream and Secrets of Power Dreaming

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