Sometimes depicts one’s financial state, bare floorboards being poverty. So it can be the colour or design that are important, or the comfort or lack of it in life – do you feel satisfied with self? Carpets can also be a cover up or depict a feeling of being walked on.

A carpet in a much used room can also indicate, like a swimming pool, your shared experience with another person or family, or your own collective experience, as it is on the carpet that so much takes place in your life. It is difficult to create an image that summarises the mass of time and events you share with family or loved ones – or even your own lonely existence, but a carpet does that.

Under the carpet: Things about the way we have lived that we do not wish to acknowledge. Things we have pushed out of sight without dealing with the mess. A hidden place within us.

Wet or Damaged Carpet: This may represent what you are standing or standing in. Is your attitude ‘wet’ or damaged in some way. Is the carpet in your own home or somewhere else? Note where and explore it.

Idioms: Sweep something under the carpet; on the carpet; roll out red carpet; rug pulled out from under ones feet.

Useful Questions and Hints:


What do you feel or associate with the carpet? See Associations Working With

What is the theme of the dream?

Do you fee; you are being walked on?

See Emotions and Mood in DreamsSecrets of Power DreamingEasy Dream Understanding


-Catherine 2016-04-30 15:37:33

I lose objectivity sometimes in dream analysis. When that happens to me, I’m lost in the context. I dreamt I was being inspected and they imprinted me with a 63 that’s invisible. Then I was on my hands and knees looking through a white carpet for fleas and found a few. My take: I’ve completed something? (Or is it a separate 6 and 3 not a 9?) And that now I’m looking for purifying inteferences? fears? Not letting go of the past fears? Fear of repeating negative experiences?

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2016-05-05 10:28:12

    Dear Catherine – There are different ways to explore a dream and it depends on the point of view or the approach you use.
    I may lose sight of the context or the overall picture when I focus on (zoom in) and explore some symbols in a dream.
    When I am done with these explorations I “zoom out” again; I step into the role of the observer to get a more detached overall-view of the dream again;
    Observing your inner world of feelings and thoughts and dreams is a means of looking at your inner life without any form of judgment.
    Your dream does not reflect a non-judgmental or objective approach and a way to explore how judging yourself feels is to use
    You step into the role of your dream figure and allow every thought/feeling/image etc. that arise while she is being inspected; this is like zooming in.
    Who do you think/feel/sense are “they”; “they imprinted me”?
    What do you feel is the intention of this inspection?
    When you feel that you are done with that part of your dream you move on to the moment that you receive an imprint.
    On which part of your body do you receive this imprint?
    You cannot see the imprint and so what does it FEEL like to receive an imprint?
    The same approach you can use for your dream figure on hand and knees looking for fleas in a white carpet. It may help to actually take that position.
    What thoughts/feelings/images etc. arise?
    It may be helpful to also ask yourself if your purpose of dream “analysis” is to “become perfect”; without any flaws (or fleas);
    See also
    Anna 🙂

-LG 2016-03-12 21:26:27

I had this super strrange dream. It was my first day working at this store. Huge, nest and beaituful carpet store. After walking throught it i arrived to my station, i had to climb into a talll bench. The bench was luxourios and also really beautifull, old style. So as i was standing on it i would be leveled with this huge table full of unroled carpets that i had to skillfully roll. As i didnt know the proper technic another employer tought me the basics, a beautiful asisan girl The carpets were just gorgeous, persian like, wide and long but very thin and smoooth almost silk like. That was it, i had to roll them and put them aside with the others. Thank you!

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