A carrot is a food, and there is food for the mind, food for thought, food for the body, and spiritual nourishment. We can digest information or experience, the latter being food for our growth as an individual.

What is it you are taking into yourself if you eat a dream carrot? In other words what feelings of thought do you take when you eat a carrot? Is it thought of health, or do you not like carrots – in which case you are taking in negative influences.

Some people have an association with carrots being good for the eyes, so be aware of that as a possibility. Also it may represent something to temp an animal. Promise of reward, as used with Donkey. See: Food

Sometimes represents the penis. It can also depict what you have to pull out of yourself through hard work, or ‘digging’. Or fruits of the earth culled from worldly experience.

Example: A powerful wave of emotion flushed through me leading me to bang on the floor with anger and frustration. I was shouting out that I was pissed off about forever chasing a carrot or rainbow and never getting the reward. A fucking carrot dangled to keep the workers labouring on till they are too old to work. And at the end of it no satisfying reward for their life of labour. They are just dumped. If it isn’t sex that is dangled as the reward it is financial riches or some dream. Politics, religion, all dangle these dreams in front of us and give nothing – just a fucking mirage. Nothing real at the end of it.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I associate with the carrot? See Associations Working With

What part did the carrot play in the dream?

What was happening in the dream?

See Being the Person or ThingProcessing Dreams

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