This is something usually pulled by an animal, so suggests it is a life process, like ageing, or instinctive drives such as survival or sex. But if it is pulled or pushed by a human it suggests using ones own energy to get things done. Lovers in a cart together can indicate a good relationship.

There can be a shopping cart, a go-cart, a horse and cart, a golf cart, or what used to be a cart for invalids to be carried in, a tumbrel – a cart to carry people to be guillotined, road sweepers cart, a luggage cart, a milk cart or even a military cart for transporting ammunition. So it depends very much on what actions occur in the dream and what is the plot. See Plot of the Dream. Also the Background and the Settings in Dreams can be useful in understanding so many options.

Example: I was examining my father like a doctor. Another doctor (male), came up to watch. My father looked “caught” and said, “Oh why are you here? I don’t want you to know.” The male doctor picked him up to take him to the hospital. He had had a stroke and couldn’t make his legs work. As he was being taken away, a cart with many beautiful things from all different foreign countries was coming down the hall for him. They were gifts from his daughter who was returning from his (her?) many travels to see him. Funeral or mystery music followed the cart.

Example: My husband and I were sitting in a cart being pulled by a donkey up a hill. We were very insecure on our seat as it was very high. I thought I would topple off onto the donkey’s back. I felt very sorry for the poor donkey who had to pull the weight. My husband was wearing only a white loin cloth. We were on our way to do some kind of missionary work. I didn’t really want to go, but I seemed resigned to it. I was holding on tightly to my husband.

Idioms: cart before the horse; upset the apple cart; cart him off.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What sort of cart was involved in the dream?

What relationship or associations do you or did you have with the cart? See Associations Working With

What was the main thing that impressed you in the dream?

See Processing Dreams and Emotions and Mood in Dreams

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