Secret hidden memories. Wonders hidden in ourselves. Special things. See: Coffin for burial casket.

If this is a small container for valuables or objects, it often relates to long held memories that are important or precious, or to qualities or skills you have that you need to be aware of.

Being in the casket might mean the things are not used much.

Is there a jewel in the casket? Are you wearing it? What type of jewel is it?

Marcus Aurelius the Roman emperor and stoic philosopher said, ‘Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.’

Hopefully each of us at some time has an experience that shows us there is much more to life than we commonly experience or understand. When we touch that moment vistas open, meanings are grasped, the hidden becomes revealed. That jewel of experience is buried within each of us, and in some dreams we find it in a casket and wonder at its brilliance.

If the jewel is buried or boxed, it suggests you are still largely unaware of your own wonderful potential. Wearing the jewel indicates that you have unfolded some of your expanded possibilities. You may have developed greater intuition, or experienced your central self.

Useful Questions and Hints:

If I describe myself as the things or things in the casket, what would I say? For help doing this see Standing in Roles.

Have I been keeping things inside myself that I need to bring more fully into my everyday life?

Does what is in the box relate to anything in my waking life, and if so how?

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