Castrate Castration

This represents a fear of not coping sexually. Losing sexual confidence or desire. Cutting off deeper feelings, sympathies, ambitions and energies. To cut off the penis or testicles illustrates the action of repressing the feelings, emotions and urges represented by them. This cutting off may be done by a fear, by feelings of guilt about sexuality, conviction of inferiority, dread of pain or being repulsed or thought repulsive.

Trauma and or/ fear regarding sexual drive, possibly leading to ‘cutting off’ full sexual flow. It might also point to fear of the responsibility which develops with sexual maturity, or the many difficulties in facing the pains and adjustments, which come with rejection by the opposite sex, or through competition for work and wealth, standing without parental support, making decisions, discriminating in the world of ideas and exercise of will.

Sometimes there is a powerful link here with the mother/father relationship from childhood. For some reason there may have been a disturbance in regard to the need to possess ones mother sexually, and so a self restraint about expressed sexual feelings. Sometimes it also suggests ones father was not a sexually potent male. In other words unsure of himself in regard to women, and perhaps still emotionally dependent. Castration also means you are no longer a threat to anyone, and do not have to face a woman’s full sexual and emotional needs.

For a woman it can mean a disturbance during childhood caused by parents not supporting or encouraging the child’s inner development. The penis envy that was so strongly supported in Freud’s theory has been seen differently by others. Karen Horney for instance states that, “Penis envy might occur occasionally in neurotic women, but stated that “womb envy” occurs just as much in men: Horney felt that men were envious of a woman’s ability to bear children. The degree to which men are driven to success may be merely a substitute for the fact that they cannot carry, nurture and bear children. Horney also thought that men were envious of women because they fulfill their position in society by simply ‘being’, whereas men achieve their manhood according to their ability to provide and succeed.”

The need for ones father’s or mother’s love or approval can be a factor leading toward homosexuality or lesbianism.

Example: Hear a recording of a well known recording artist (Tom ***) a homosexual who became straight through facing his unconscious tendencies. RECORDING.

Castrating oneself: Denying one’s own sexual drive, or introverting anger because of sexual drive. It might also suggest the conflict of choice between being feminine or masculine.

Being castrated: This suggests a real trauma that deeply influences your sexual relationships. This includes feeling that your innate being has been repressed or brutalised by another person.

Castrating another person: Your own sexual pains or trauma may lead to the unconscious killing out of sexuality in your children or others.


Example: ‘On looking at my son I see his penis has been completely cut off. I feel terribly upset, but notice that on each side of the remaining hole, special pieces of tissue have been implanted. These are budding, just like a plant, and I know, or am told, that a whole penis will grow.’ Edmond U.

Edmond did in fact frequently ‘cut off’ his own sexuality by abstinence. The dream graphically shows that sexual drives are like a living process.

Psychological castration: Peter had grown up in a Christian culture that, at the time, looked upon sex as something not to be spoken about. Underlying that attitude was that restraining sex was somehow a spiritual discipline. Also, while in his early teens, Peter’s mother had pushed a strong fear into him that sex could kill him. She probably did this because tuberculosis was a killer disease at the time, and a strong sex drive was one of the signs of the illness, and she was scared that Peter had caught TB. Consequently Peter avoided sex until overwhelmed by his own desires. In fact it took most of his adult life to find normal loving and sexual feelings.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I recognise how I cut off or repress sexual feelings or relationship?

What has led me to the situation of my sexual nature being so injured? (Defining this is important as it helps to recognise the causes and leads to an emergence from the condition.)

If I really am honest about my early feelings about my mother and father, how would describe my relationship with them in terms of my sexuality? Also, dare I imagine sex with my mother – if I do what feelings stand in the way?

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-Cristy 2018-04-25 4:59:53

I had a dream last night that started with me holding a severed penis (I’m a woman). I gave the penis a handjob and it ‘came’ blood and sperm all over the walls and curtains in my bedroom.
This was obviously quite disturbing in itself, but I then proceeded to make the (still severed) penis erect again with the intention of using on myself.
Thankfully the dream changed before I could do this.
I would really appreciate it if you could shed any light on this dream.
Thank you, Cristy

    -Tony Crisp 2018-04-26 13:30:25

    Hi – It is important that you read
    Nothing can replace your own ability to understand your dream. With a little effort you can do this by practicing what is described in – or


    Cristy – Such dreams are often hard to decipher because we often hide feelings and desires from ourselves. As an example:

    Example: I realized it was true that I had pushed certain feelings very far away. At a very deep level, I wanted escape but was furious at myself for wanting escape. Also, at a deep level, I was screaming out for attention, wanting help with my own internal conflict, but felt that no one was noticing. My ‘waking up’ within the dream and being relieved that I had not actually screamed and disturbed anyone shows how at the next level of consciousness I was still trying very hard to keep all of this suppressed. Yet I was also, at this level, a little disappointed at how good I was at keeping my true feelings hidden. Suzanne.

    The clues are that you had got hold of the penis and ready to give it a hand-job, and also that in the dream you had the intention of using on yourself.

    This suggests all sorts of things such as perhaps you would like to have sex but not with the man around; or you do not enjoy sex with the man, but it would be nice to have his penis in you, etc.

    What are you not admitting to yourself? In dreams we can do things we cannot do in real life, and maybe this is one of them.

-banely 2017-10-29 8:43:40

My dream was me getting my penis stuck under something heavy and for some reason required me to cut it off myself. I am very “adequate” below the belt in real life (if you know what I mean) so in my dream when this happened, I was terribly upset about it because I was now “inadequate” and tried to go find the piece that was cut off for it to be re-attached surgically. What does this mean??

-Tom 2017-04-19 17:18:54

I had a dream where i cut the tip of my penis off.
Funny part was i was trying to put it back on the stump. I felt my tip and it felt kinda numb.
The messed up part was before i put it on i had the tip of my dick in my hand like a short sausage link.
That dream was horrifying. Just think about going through life dickless.

-Someyoungguy 2017-03-26 18:39:02

I’ve had this dream a few times over the last year or two. Normally I am alone in a home like setting. I either have cut my penis off or it has fallen off. I never actually see myself do it but I know it was me who did it. I’m scared and trying to put it back. Holding it so it will heal back on. For whatever reason it doesn’t stay on. I wake up pretty freaked out. In the dream I keep thinking that I can fix my penis because I’ve done this before. Also sometimes it’s cut in more then one piece. I worry about not putting it back right.

-soulja d 2017-01-24 14:15:25

i had a dream nd here it start.on the scene already holding knife in front on me is large long white penis like brownish.then i look myself no me iam fine whats happening,then i realise that m holding knife then start to look around carefully i see someone i know bt nt friend but i knw him well.fastly something is in my throight when i look again at this penis there is a cut in front ..that quekly i hold my throight that man just staring at me while am in choking..then i wake up

-A 2016-12-30 16:12:07

I had a dream last night that I took a box cutter and cut off my penis leaving only a little at the base and put the cut part in the freezer there was no blood or pain even though at the time of cutting i remember thinking how odd it was that i didnt feel pain then i went looking for someone

-that_one_girl 2016-11-12 6:42:17

So last night I had a dream that I was sucking my boyfriends d**k and at one point in the dream, I took my mouth away and something was in my mouth. It was the tip of his d**k. And we both started freaking out. What does this mean?

-Confused 2016-09-24 14:52:10

I dreamed my daughter walking to me with my grandson by her side unclothed and say to me look what he did to him, my Grandson’s penis was gonna. He still had his testicle. I just remember being sad and outraged, calling his dad all kinds of curse words. He was not bleeding and it looked healed. What does this mean??

-stan 2016-05-02 14:46:49

I had a dream that my neighbour woman was telling me that my mother was planning to castrate me.
What’s the meaning

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