The attitudes or beliefs you use to protect your identity; the height or range of your imagination; your mental limit or boundary.

Protection, security, against the life’s difficulties, so protection against the storms of life. Something above your head, or out of reach. The attitudes or beliefs you use to protect your identity, the height or range of your imagination, or your mental limit or boundary, so a boundary of ideas or awareness. If you live in a flat with people above you, the ceiling can mean the things other people do that enter your life, interfere with it, or even damage you in some way. See house and buildings.

The ceiling is often the place where we find ourselves the first time we experience being out of our body. So it can indicate higher awareness or an approach to the spiritual dimension.

In many dreams awful or frightening things come from or through the ceiling. This shows they are creations of your own mind, coming through the boundary of your imaginations. Of course sometimes a wonderful light or being comes through the ceiling.

 Example: I walked past the photo stat. room. Two girls came out into passageway, TERRIBLY distressed and spoke of Satan. I went into the room and saw Satan in the upper corner of the ceiling leering down and mocking head and shoulders. I calmed the girls and everything became okay. Mr. A. A.

Example: I’m in a flat in a skyscraper; I don’t like it very much because in real life I’m frightened by heights and this is a very high flat. There are some friends of my partner into alternative lifestyle; there is a girl who would like to make love with my partner. I feel there is a connection between them. We are in fact on the top flat so I can see the sky through the ceiling made of glass. There is a huge eagle; it is so huge I can only see his head, his eye and his big wings. I feel it is huge and it is looking like some kind of bigger awareness, looking at human life and at me, it has got to do with a wider consciousness above us and around.

Example: ‘I have to keep walking because there is something I am afraid of behind me. When I am pressed up against the ceiling being crushed I look down and the stairs and banister rail are swarming alive with a black moving wave of crawling things, like some awful insects. In the hallway is a swamp with crocodiles and other hideous things. My terror is terrible. The person who actually lived in this part of the house was the owner’s mother. She treated me badly but no one knew as she was artful in her abuse. She pulled me along by my hair, locked me in a cupboard, and once locked me in the orchard – four high walls and a hidden door.’ Rita


Idioms: hit the ceiling; scrape me off the ceiling.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel any sense of security or protection against difficulties?

Is something over my head, or out of reach?

Could this show mental or creative limits or boundaries?

Or does a feeling or horror intrude?

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