Suggests the achievement of a new skill, or reaching a new phase of your growth or maturity. It can also link with feelings of confidence in your ability to attain a goal. See: Prize.

These are an indication that you have passed an exam or are now qualified in some way. They are sometimes man made distinctions and dreams often point out important things for you in regard to getting recognition and authority.

Example: I remember standing a room a few days after the baby was born and thinking “I should call my dad and tell him that I had the baby.” But I couldn’t remember when the baby was born so I got the birth certificate and I started looking for the birth date and how much he weighed at birth, but it wasn’t a birth certificate it was some type of paper that I couldn’t understand so I gave up on looking.

The thing about the birth certificate is important. It is saying that there is something you do not understand about your baby and its background. It was a dream baby without a father and known background. Because you do not understand your dream baby you could not understand what was said on the paper. I believe it was telling you that Life gave you this baby, and it will grow in you to change your life. It is small and vulnerable so take care of it.

Example: So, I’ve decided to attend a week long Dream Retreat at the Haden Institute, in part to see if I want to partake of the dream certification program. Around here, it seems one needs some sort of “authority” or “certificate” to be taken seriously in anything. I also have to balance that in myself – do I feel I need a certificate to be an effective dream worker? How much does my self-worth have to do with having or not having a “certificate”? So, I am hoping that attending this retreat will help me sort out that answer. I remember your words on this issue – how much you have been able to accomplish on your own.

Example: I was getting ready for the next level. But the whole dream was about these divisions or the sense of divisions – such as the dividing lines between the levels of experience. I find it difficult to define exactly what the pervading feeling was. There was a growing internal struggle though and a questioning. It may have been that I felt the divisions between the experiences were artificial – just as I feel, looking at Maria’s certificates of courses taken in massage and Reiki, that humans artificially create denomination to make them saleable or profitable – we create differences and demarcations for our own profit.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I seeking or have got a certificate?

Do I have any certificates in waking life – if so what do I associate with them? See Associations Working With

Do I feel the need for certification?

See Processing Dreams and Techniques for Exploring your Dreams

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