Charity Shop

Usefulness of the useless – the discovery of value in what has been discarded. Searching for our needs or things we want, recycling past experience. Also things such as ideas, skills, attitudes, we have got from other people, or ones own discarded or forgotten experience. See: Shop.

It might also point to searching for your needs or things you want in an unorthodox way or places. Also the recycling of past experience; the giving away or clearing out of things and memories that are no longer part of the mainstream in your life. Your own discarded or forgotten experience.

Things such as ideas, skills, attitudes, you have got from other people.

Example: Then I was caught up in the crowds again, partly standing back watching the whole cavalcade of what was happening. Apparently it was a big civic event connected with raising money for a charity. Some nuns were involved and I knew they had come out of a closed convent to be in the crowd. They had collecting bowls for people to drop money in. As a sort of emphasis some women who were collecting had put many coins in their bras, so as they walked one could hear the chinking and see their breasts/coins bobbing up and down. Some of the nuns were in wheel chairs and looked quite crippled.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I find or am looking for in the shop, and am I looking for that in waking?

What interaction do I have with the shop, and what does that suggest?

Am I buying or selling – searching or giving away?

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