Sometimes in life we feel as if all the feelings and hopes, the relationships that have motivated us have fallen away, and there is simply emptiness and silence inside. This is typically what the chasm depicts. It is not necessarily a ‘bed’ experience as it allows us to discover the underlying hugeness beyond our small life.

The chasm also sometimes expresses fears or feelings about  death that we have. But it can also be about fear of sex, of the unconscious or the unknown. The following example illustrates such fears. See: Valley; Abyss

Example: My recurring dream is that I am on a spiral staircase with three or four people in front of me and throngs of people behind me. The staircase is not supported from the centre but the steps project from the sides of the stone walls. As we ascend the steps are getting farther and farther apart and narrower as they recede into the wall. There is a doorway ahead and the people in front of me have reached it and are urging me on. However, I can’t possibly reach it as the next step is only about half an inch wide by one inch long. The door is high above and beyond me out of arms reach! I look behind and down the centre chasm – it is very bright so I can see far – at the masses of people waiting patiently for me to go on, so there is no possibility of going back. I was divorced four years ago with no children. My mother and friends want to see me happily settled whereas I am terrified of repeating a disastrous marriage. V.S.

The dream is an illustration of the apparent futility and fear of takingthe next step in life. Yet the dream suggests that if she faces her fear and takes the next step there are people urging her on. Such dreams are simply images of our fears and feelings. The next step can be taken by using Secrets of Power Dreaming

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is there a big ‘hole’ in my life I am frightened of feeling or being engulfed by?

Is this something from the past I am scared of meeting again?

If I imagine letting myself fall into this chasm what do I feel? (Remember that dreams are simply images expressing your feelings or thoughts, and all you are doing here is to meet your own feelings.) For help doing this see Stand in role – Acting on your dreamAvoid Being Victims

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