Cherry is a girl’s name and so dreaming of a cherry might indicate a girl or woman you know or have known.

In the US it can refer to George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, and so can indicate truthfulness or lack of it, depending on the dream theme.

Life is said to be a bowlf of cherries, a life of good fortune. Sometimes car are called a ‘cherry’ meaning a great car – or a lemon meaning one with faults. See fruit

Cherry can indicate the feminine principle and female sexuality and fertility.

Example: She said one was a cherry. I said ‘cherry path’ and she said yes, that was it. I was going to run for mayor or governor. I was going to vote.

Example: Then I was out in the front of the house, across the road. I was talking to a workman about a cherry tree that he said had been planted there, and one lower down the road. All I could see was the sawn off trunk of an old cherry tree. It was growing many new shoots from its trunk, and I felt would grow into a beautiful tree.

The above example shows how a man had cut down his own beautiful growth, but the roots were still strong and he could grow a new self.

Cherry tree: When cherry trees are in bloom it often gives a feeling of spring, new life, loveliness and beauty.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What did I feel about the cherry or the name Cherry?

What associations do I have with the cherry or tree? Try Associations Working With

Does the dream describe any situation I can recognise?

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