This probably represents the skills and strategies you use in meeting the circumstances of your life. It may also point to careful scheming or planning to win, or to defeat an opponent. Often this is about relationship too, so it is important to recognise who you are playing against or what the situation is in the game. See: Games.

This might also point to the game of life and how you are playing it – what are the situations you are facing could be indicated in the events of the dream. See: gamesDreams are Like a Computer Game.

A dream is like a game of chess with all the possibilities of the different pieces interacting. So you could be playing a game of strategy with the pieces/people in your dream.

Example: But now I must go back and fight him in order to save my family, now frozen in his power. I go, via instructions from some feminine voice, to a platform up in the clouds and there are some remote control-like game boards in a basket. I pick up one. The voice says, “This one can be adapted well.” I look at it closer. It is a chess game, electronic. I say “Ah, the good old chess game,” satisfied it can be modified to fight this powerful man and save my family. I turn it over and look at the back side of it and see the tiny shapes of the black “men” or pieces. I want to review the rules of how they are allowed to move.

Example: I climbed to the top of some stairs and knocked on a door. It was opened by a woman in Tudor dress who beckoned me to enter. On a dais was the King. He was delighted to see me and hugged me. I presented him with a chair made by women from all over the world. We ate, then he said, ‘We’ll have a game of chess’.

An interpretation given to the dream is: Human self awareness is unique in nature. It comes about by a fragile balance of many factors. Your dream illustrates one of the factors important for personal balance – your relationship with your father, shown here as the king. In our childhood our father is often seen by our inner feelings as the great authority figure in our life. Difficulties with him develop into difficulties with authority in everyday life.

The woman is your mother, leaving the door open to be loved by father, and in the dream the relationship is good. But using the king as a symbol suggests some insecurity. You offer the many aspects of yourself, the chair, as a gift, a way of gaining love. The chess shows you challenging your dependence on your father for love and approval, to develop your self esteem and independence.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What strategies are shown in the dream, and how might they apply to you?

Do I know how to play chess – do I know the rules of the game of life and what moves to make?

Who am I pitting myself against – male or female – does that apply in my life?

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