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In some ways smoking a cigarette is like drinking alcohol. This is because it has a mind altering or consciousness altering influence. Like alcohol it changes the way we feel or respond to life, and inhibits anxiety while stimulating alertness. So it can depict our dependence upon the drug to deal with our anxiety or lack of confidence. See: alcohol.

Because of this dependent link, the cigarette is sometimes shown as a friend, a helper to meet stress.

Cigarettes also now link with taking into oneself something that is a danger to health. In a dream this might point to actual absorption of cigarette smoke, or of subtle but harmful atmospheres or attitudes in those around you. Of course it may associate with feelings or fears about cancer. If this is so it could be linked with a great deal of suppressed anxiety, as in the following dream. It has shown to lessen the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. See Infertility causes of.

Example: I am a regular smoker. I often wake 3 or 4 times a night dreaming I have dropped my cigarette. I wake and frantically search everywhere, turn the lights on and often cannot go back to sleep. I don’t realise it’s a dream at the time, so think I have really dropped one. How can I stop this?  ‘The Marlbro man!’

This dream is not simply about smoking, but about a life threatening situation.

Smoking with someone suggests a link, a connection, maybe conditioned by or made possible by mutual dependence on the drugged reduction of anxiety. It can therefore sometimes represent sexual relatedness. In this way the cigarette might depict penis or genital sex.

If you are now smoking an electronic cigarette, the n the health risk has gone, but the dependence might still be a factor.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I recognise the cigarette as a dangerous means of deadening anxiety and difficult feelings – and could I find less dangerous ways of doing this?

Is there any sign of being in a clique or special group in the dream, and does this happen in my waking life?

Are there health fears shown in the dream, and if so what can I understand from them?

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