There are an enormous number of cliches images used in books or films. Some of them are the man or woman all in black or in black leather; the scary music suggesting fear; blood running from eyes suggesting something unspeakable has happened; blood coming from nose; the hazy wall of energy or something, suggesting a great change of a different world or dimension, the devil or horns on a person, suggesting incredible evil; huge wave or tsunami.

When I have been in hospital, or when I worked as a nurse and saw people carried in with serious injuries, I can’t remember seeing blood coming from their eyes or nose, unless somebody punched them there. Another great cliches in American movies is that when anyone gets angry or hurt they have to destroy everything, throwing things around, smashing what they have been working on. Also I wonder about the American psyche because every American film today have the heroes or heroine repeat, “It’s not your fault. Don’t blame youreslf because it’s not your fault.” I wonder whether they suffer from huge  feelings if guilt. 

Of course another cliche repeated almost as often is, “Everything is going to be okay.” Often it isn’t, but the speakers have this unfallible abiltity to predict the future – often wrongly.

Oh yes, the great one, in America everyone walks around their home drinking beer out of a bottle — or else, to really impress people, whiskey. Or where the film producers paid enormous amounts to promote those thing?I wonder if it is a national thing. An enormous cliché is the woman stripped down to tight panties and brassiere, or the woman/actress showing as much of her boobs as allowed, and also their butts. The aim is to arouse the instinctive response in males – especially males who haven’t left their teenage years behind them – teenagers with an active sexual feeling are plagued with constant erections when looking at women. See

But I guess a lot of money passes hands to have most laptops in films showing the Appple symbol. It is almost 90% but I am thrilled to sometimes see Dell has a viewing.

A very funny one, mostly in American films, is couples going bananas with passionate sex, and the women still have their brassieres on as well as their panties – and the men all still have their underpants on – how do they do it?

Something you see also in American films, is someone badly injured and maybe dead. The person reaches out to feel their pulse by pushing their fingers in the person neck at the point of the jaw bone. I have yet to find any pulse at that point. The funny thing is that they do it for a second and find assurance – they are either alive or dead.

An amazing one is when a man is hit by a soccer ball low in the abdomen and the man collapses holding his apparently injure testicles. Maybe I’m formed differently but I do not wear them on the front of my body. Also when an actor kicks a man in this region in films they always go down in agony; but I remember as a young teenager when being measured for a suit being asked, “What side do you dress.” I didn’t have a clue until he asked what side does my genitals hand in my trousers. Well I hang to the left, and I think it would miss the tender parts if the kick was aimed in the middle. But It look easy to do because the men in the films stand with their kegs wide apart – but MAN SURVIVES “1100 POUNDs of PRESSURE” MAN KICK to THE GROIN!!! Was he neutered first!!!

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