-Venkata Ratnam Vankayala 2018-03-07 15:20:05

I saw a cobra [ash color] with raised hood in my dream. It was in the morning at around 5.45am or so. It lasted for 2 or 3 seconds only. The Cobra was just looking at me and I was looking at him. The marks were visible. I was not afraid but was very calm. He was not moving and standing still.
I do lots of meditation.
Could you please let me know what it means?

-HEIBY 2015-12-09 14:57:59

I dreamt I was laying in my old room at my grandma’s house, outside the window there was this black cobra snake looking at me. very pretty. I wasn’t afraid, I was surprise of seen one and at the same time I remember thinking how pretty it was and how odd it felt not to be afraid. it was surrounded by very green leaves on the background. like a picture

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-15 15:13:38

    Dear Heiby – What I see in your dream – and please explore it for yourself as well – is that you remember a time where you were not afraid of Life;
    Many ancient cultures used the snake or serpent and even the dragon in their religious symbols to illustrate how we relate to the process of life.
    You perceive it as odd to not be afraid anymore. Did you ask yourself why?
    Very green leaves also suggest the living, growing part of you, and so allowing the process of life to help you find a way out of a situation and/or allowing it to give you a different perspective, which is what inner growth is about as well.
    Anna 🙂

-Swetha 2015-12-04 13:08:21

Hi, I dreamt I was in a old building it was more like a under construction school and there was a light brown or white snake with its hood up, staying still and looking at something away from me. It was on my right far away and it was looking towards its right; felt it was a cobra but not sure. I was very alert, careful and wanted to warn the teachers to move away from the place carefully with the children. Also saw a small snake which was orange large rings and black small rings. Please help me understand this dream. Thank you.

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-12-10 16:03:31

    Dear Swetha – Please read this article and do explore your own dream – what you have created in your inner world – yourself as well;
    Your IP number shows that you live in India, and in your culture too the snake represents rebirth, death and mortality, due to its casting of its skin and being symbolically “reborn”.
    A school under construction suggests that you are unlearning/letting go of certain things that you have learned.
    In your dream you use the same approach as the cobra; you are alert and careful and want to warn the teacher and children.
    When a cobra is disturbed, it rears up and spread its hood in a threat display.
    So perhaps it means that you are afraid of letting go of old habits and beliefs, which is often perceived as “the death of the old”. When you let go of the old you make room for something new in your life, which is often perceived as a rebirth;
    You might want to explore how you relate to Life;
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Anna 🙂

-Katie 2015-09-08 20:23:06

I dreamed I was by a bodie of water like a pond, and I saw a large black snake like really large, I wanted to get closer and take a picture, as I went to get closer out of nowhere this red and black striped Cobra appeared and attacks me atempting to strike me several times, it startles me and im running backwards and it bites my leg. I then woke up.

-Lynette Rohrbaugh 2015-04-18 0:18:54

Being hit by a mack truck

-maria 2015-02-02 3:13:16

I had a dream, I was sitting in a car alone (but felt the presence of family around) heard a hissing noise from the back. I turned around and saw a black cobra up high looking and hissing at me. I was afraid of it going to bite me and knew I had to get out of the car. it hissed and appeared to have allowed me to leave and I felt a sense relief. any ideas what this could mean? Thank you

-Angela 2014-09-05 21:37:50

I had a dream last night in which I was walking through the yard and then I suddenly see a long large snake ( Cobra) coming toward me with an out-stretched hood. Panicked I run into the house with the snake closely following, attempting to bite me. What does this mean? Thanks.

-Jessica Dawkins 2014-07-23 16:09:57

Last night I had a dream that I was wrestling with a cobra. I was on my knees behind it with my hands clamped over it mouth to keep it from biting me. It was jerking and moving trying to break free. It was brownish orange if that makes a difference. What does this mean?

-avii pathak 2014-06-08 20:32:51

I dreamt I am sitting with my friends and suddenly saw a white & brown cobra.. my friends told me to catch it I ran aftr it and I missed it.. bt the moment I turned up to my friends it attacked me on my hand.. may I please know what does it mean.. realy need to know.. because after I saw that dream everything is going wrong specialy professionally. . Please do reply on my email ..

-Rob Kyzer 2014-01-20 14:09:10

I have had this dream three times now. I am at the house I grew up at and my now girlfriend is there along my dad. The first two times I had this dream, it started by me looking across the street and seeing a cute cuddly energetic small white dog pulling another larger dog by a chain. I walked up to the smaller dog who was wagging its tail and suddenly the two dogs instantly transformed into a 15 foot long black snake with a cobra like hood who started to chase me. Every time I looked back the snake was a little closer until suddenly when the snake was real close I awoke. The last(third) dream I had instead of seeing the dogs first, I saw the snake who was across the street going thru the grass. I yelled and my dad said oh my god and ran across the street to which the snake expanded his hood like a cobra does and started chasing my dad. The snake started gaining on my dad and I yelled for dad to run faster to which he was finally able to out run the snake. The snake then turned into the dogs and at that moment it was if we instantly forgot about the creature being a snake just a moment ago and we were all lured over the dogs. As we got close the little white dog started wagging its tail and then poof it turned back into the snake which was now facing away from me slithering with its head up off the ground about 2 feet. The snake slowly tuned only its head all the away the around to look at me. The snake then expanded its hood, turned its body and started to chase me and my girlfriend. We were running but no matter how fast we ran, the snake was gaining on us. When the snake was very close I turned and saw the snake going into a striking posture and tried to bite my girlfriend. I jumped in front of my girlfriend which caused the snake to bite me. When the snake made contact with my body, it was if I could imagine how it would feel if a mack truck hit you, that it how I though it felt. Then instantly as the snake made contact, I awoken out of breath. Any thoughts anyone, this dream is starting to freak me out because I have had now three times.

-Sarah 2013-08-09 23:23:56

I had a dream where I was in a dungeon, and then transported by a jolly and kind taxi driver to a village where a girl about seven years of age showed me around. She then took me to a place where lots of different things grew and it was almost like a farm. There I spotted a boy who on my mind was perfect in every way (I have not met this ‘person’ or seen this person in photos or anything) but the girl took me away. On the way back I saw a massive massive enormous cobra in a tree. Next time I went back, I met a nice man who gave me a wax tablet and stylus. I was writing something on it when the Perfect boy approached me. In a Russian/German accent he spoke kind soft words and asked about me. I wrote the answers on the tablet. I asked him where his home was and he replied and broken English ‘I don’t have no home.’ Then he pointed at me, and I drew a question mark on the tablet. He says oh, an deals away. The sun is setting. Then I see the passing and I see him with another girl, obviously deep in love. The little girl looks at me in dismay. Then I see the cobra rearing to strike behind Perfect, and I yell “Cobra behind you!” The other girl shrieks and points behind me, shaking her head. The cobra turns out to be behind me. Out of nowhere, I pull out a sword and began to attack it when I woke up with a feeling of longin for Perfect as well as a sense of fear.

    -Same 2013-08-09 23:28:45

    I meant to say he walks away. Then I see the time passing by and the two deeply in love. Also I meant to say longing for perfect not longin. Hehe mistakes are made when you type so much.. Please reply and let me know your thoughts.. Thank you.

-jhet estrada 2012-08-30 9:44:40

hi, I’m jhet.and i had a dream that the cobra wants to attack me and my daughter but fortunately i touch the cobra and it went to the other way and it went my sister’s side and i told her that there is a cobra so she stays aways from the cobra and then the cobra ran away.and before i always dreamed of snakes,sometimes i was stepping on them,lots of them.please help me i wanna know what is the meaning of this.thanks a lot.

-Kg 2011-05-16 10:57:21

Last week I had a dream ,in the dream I was attacked by a snake *cobra* and as I was trying to defend myself but it bit me twice and after that I turned away and in the dream it looked very angry !! Pls help me understand this

    -Tony Crisp 2011-05-24 11:05:01

    KG – I repeat this over and over because it is so important – the creatures in our dreams are totally different to creatures outside us. They are all parts of you, your body, your brain and emotions. But they are put into the form of living creatures because they are part of you – a living being.

    I know, you might say that a snake can never be a part of ME. But take a look at the bigger picture of YOU. You started your present life as a single celled creature. And you were destined to meet that wonderful other cell, the egg and you fertilised it. Then it was as if you were a vegetable type, just building cells. Slowly you became a creature with gills, and passed through that toward having a human type body – still under water. Then at birth you came out, but without language and without any definite personality. This came gradually, until now you are like a conscious rider of an ancient beast, your body. And this body still carries within it all its ancient history. There is your brain is the reptile, the snake, called the reptile brain, and then it became like an ape – the mammalian brain – and then the neo human brain.

    So the snake bit you because you were fighting yourself. You hit it and it responded. But if you had allowed it to approach you it would have become a living part of you as in the following dream.

    Last night I dreamt I was outdoors walking through open ground, maybe at times gardens. I came across large snakes which I reacted to as if they were venomous. Then I came across a lot of them and they swarmed onto me. I froze, terrified that if I made a move I would be fatally bitten. But they just swarmed over my body and got under my clothes without harming me. Gradually I relaxed and slowly began to move about with the snakes still on me. They started to feel like a built in defence system which would attack anyone who was aggressive to me. At one point several large and aggressive dogs walked past me. They turned as if thinking about attacking, then appeared to sense the snakes and ran off cowed.


-Mahesh Saxena 2011-03-06 4:25:51

hello my name is mahesh , i m a student ,
last night i saw many dreams as i always dream very much.
but the dream of a Dark Black Snake who seems to be very poisonous made me to think of it again and again .
That snake was having a Mark or a sign on his Head and the colour of the Mark was White.
but in this dream i found myself at my old house where i use to live 8 years ago.
Can u please tell me what it signifies….
my Birth date is 29/07/1988.
timing is 10:45 pm

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