Combine Combination

We combine things all the time by taking them into us as we do with food and information or experience. As such it is important to digest it and make it a living part of you. We also combine our efforts, our learning and skills with others. As one woman wrote to me about her dead mother, “My appreciation and transcendence turned into a much more strongly heightened spiritual awareness since her death, and is my way of keeping and harnessing her spirit and combining it with mine, but that’s another subject.” See digest; absorb

A combination for a safe lock: is usually an attitude or understanding that you have or have failed to achieve.

It gives you entrance to things you would not otherwise have access to. It allows you to open or understand things that would otherwise remain closed to you. This confidence things is what has produced a new sort of sureness about the inner life and the outer life. It can be experienced as linking with so many things. For instance some beliefs would prevent one from building a house in the dream world. This because the belief might be that this is a lot of “bloody nonsense.” So that would lock out whole areas of experience, speculation and creativity.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is being combined with what in my dream?

Can I see or feel any similarities with my everyday life?

Am I good at being open to new things or people that I can take in?

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