Sometimes this points out the funny or maybe inconsequential things in your life that although funny, might hold important information. It also could be saying ‘this is to be taken lightly, not serious’. The ‘comic’ events portrayed can also be illustrating something that is very true but usually not recognised. Like caricatures, they are sometimes more true to life than life itself. This can draw out truths that might otherwise have remained hidden.

The comic can depict social situations, ways you relate, in a way that brings attention to them.

The comic can be a diversion – you try to deal with situations or difficult feelings such as loneliness by diversions such as entertainment, etc.

Occasionally the attempt at laughter hides serious feelings or even painful memories.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What life situation or personal situation does the comic portray?

What part does the comic play in the dream, and how does that link with events in my life?

Am I using light entertainment as a diversion – if from what?

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