Many women dream of having conceived, and sometimes this is an intuitive sense of what has actually happened. But otherwise it might be dealing with your feelings or insights into your relationship with conception.

However, conception extends far wider than that which leads to the development of a child. The female principle, whether of the earth or in us humans, is extraordinarily creative.

Sex equals living your optimum. Living the greatest good – sex is about acknowledging that life or relationship is a creative act. It might not be creative in the sense of a child developing. It might not be creative in the sense of conception. But it is a creative act between two people. And as a part of the creative act it is about acknowledging what part we each play in it – and what part life itself plays in the creative act. It is about recognising that every conception, whether towards a physical baby, or towards a relationship, towards love, towards developing an idea – needs to be nourished and cared for. It needs an environment that will respect it and help it to develop.

It is innate in women to dream of being creative and giving birth in their dreams. So I believe that such a baby is a very real part of you – though an inner and not always an outer part. But it is a creation of a part of you that is only now becoming real in your life. In other words a dream baby is a new birth of part of you that needs to be cared for. The point for a woman is that she is only incidentally part of the creative act of childbirth. The processes of creation are far deeper than her personality.

If you are a woman, this is your potential. You developed in this way because you are a creature of evolution. If you deny that part of you – the urge to procreate – you deny yourself. Do not cut yourself off from your roots otherwise you will die.To become free of it, it is not necessary to repress that part of you. In fact that basic, primeval drive is your source of power. It is a great river of energy. Out of that your power arises. You do not have to become childbearing to have that creativity. You do not even need to have a functioning womb, because at your core you are the power of creation.

So the dreamt conception, even in a man’s dream, can be about a new part of your potential emerging, a new way of life being made real at a fundamental level, a start to the budding forces of life in you moving toward expression. Whatever it is it is vulnerable and needs your loving care and nourishment. See: immaculate conception.

Example: The dream carried on and I saw that I was carrying a child in pregnancy. This started off very mixed up feelings and images, wondering how I could give birth without female organs. For a long period I felt that given time my body could transform, but in fact I never reached that point, even though the organs had begun to transform. Instead I suddenly realised in my sleep state that this was the child of the dream of the tree and the spirit of the tree, where she took me fully into her to form a child, a synthesis of her, me, my whole life experience. And I realised what an idiot I had been trying to transform my body, struggling with the inbuilt idea of a male body. I saw how ridiculous and lost I had been, remembering that I had previously given birth to a child as a man.

Useful questions are:

What feelings do I have about this conception, and what can I gather from that about what is growing in me?

Do I feel this is the conception of a baby in me – if this proves wrong, what am I going to give birth to?

Can I care for and nurture this new life in me?

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-Emma 2012-01-09 1:37:39

For the past 3 months i have had repeated dreams of giving birth to a baby boy, i have never been pregnant (to my knowledge) and am not pregnant (to my knowledge) nothing major has changed in my life, however in the past i have had dreams that have come true, i.e i know when someone has died as i dream about them the night before in an uneasy sleep, i hae dajavu all the time and it will be from a dream i had several years ago….
i was just looking for some help in understanding why i have these dreams is the baby dream a fluke will it not really happen? Am i just winding myself up i need some help to put my mind at ease
thank you

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