You can be ‘in concert’ or ‘at a concert’. The first suggests you are in agreement or in harmony. The second is about attending an event.

Dreams often use a concert to indicate a pleasurable experience or a change from everyday life, or even a special event in ones experience. It can sometimes also indicate an uplifting toward a new dimension of experience.

In some dreams people want to be a concert pianist, or are playing an instrument in the hall. This suggests either their flow of pleasure and creativity, or personal feelings, as shown by the example.

Example: Dreamt I was in a village. A headmistress, who seemed to the near the town hall, was organising the school children into a concert. I had a feeling the musical concert was about the nativity. The children were in the village streets in groups, standing playing musical instruments. They had got to the part where the baby is born. I arrived with a flute and went to the headmistress at the town hall and started to join in the music. The headmistress kindly told me to stop as I had not been there when the children had practised, and therefore I didn’t know. I stopped playing my flute (I was a child yet also grown-up) and watched what was happening.

Then I began to think of how the headmistress and I had related. She was kindly and thoughtful, yet because she had all the children to consider, and had to plan everything and took care of it is running, she did not get to know any one child – me – to any depth. I felt she really didn’t know me.

Here is the dreamer’s experience of exploring the dream: “Intense emotion was felt, but was short lived, and I wept in Elaine’s arms. I wondered if perhaps most of the emotion had emptied out. Then I saw how the headmistress was my mother. The nativity was my own birth. My mother worked since I was a baby, and never really got to know me because she was always working and being efficient. The chest pain was a hole, like a hollow in a big tree because the flow of life did not run smoothly, and a young boy was trapped in the hollow darkness.

The flute was an intense feeling of joyful pleasure flowing out through me. It felt like a baby had and had a flow of joy. Then I became the baby. Movements of babyhood pleasure began. At first they were purely physical expressions of love and joy flying out to mother. Then they centred around the mouth – a mouth open longing and pleasurably asking for love. This developed into sounds – the baby’s gurgles and calls, then – “I love you – I love you. I want you.” This came out with the lovely deep joyful voice and laughter found in past sessions. It seemed to vaguely include Elaine but not be directed to her. It felt like the pleasure and love had flowed right from my basic baby self, right through into adulthood.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What were the surrounding events in the dream?

Did I have any feeling about the concert?

Wht memories of concerts contribute to the dream?

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