Cook Cooking

The cook might be illustrating practical life skills to make your life experience palatable, such as the means of dealing with life. Or caring for yourself, in the sense of adjusting life situations. This might also link with motherhood or responsibility – of feeding ones family. It can also portray reproduction.

The active and practical side of our nature that can transform inedible aspects of a relationship or situation into something that satisfies us; the sense of responsibility that ‘feeds the family’; female reproductive ability – puts one thing in the oven – sperm and ovum – and out comes something else – baby; need for, or ability to nourish oneself and provide for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.#

Cooking: As in the example, ways we transform ‘inedible’ or ‘unpalatable’ aspects of our life. This also might suggest you are working with ideas, possibilities, to create something, a project perhaps, that will satisfy you in some way.

Cooking is also about nourishing oneself by your own efforts. It links with satisfying a hunger, creativity, your ability to make something new out of the varied opportunities or experiences you have.

If you are cooking for others it shows you giving of yourself, but particularly giving something that you have put together, created, realised or learned to manifest in your life.

If you are being cooked for, then it shows you absorbing and being nourished by what someone else is providing you, or giving you in a relationship.

In some dreams cooking reflects how you feel about yourself in a relationship or in life. Do you do well or is it a burnt mess? Such dreams might reflect how people important to you criticise you, leaving you with a sense of failure.

Example: My eldest son looks at the sweet – a soufflé  which has wine in and is really special. He says he is not eating that – in such a tone of disgust and goes away. I burst into tears and look at it all, such a failure. I wake crying so much it’s quite a while before I can stop. MCM.

If your cooking is good but not appreciated it suggests you give the best of yourself but do not feel appreciated.

Example: ‘I saw piles of French loaves. On picking one up I saw that although the crust was crisp, the inside was runny wet dough. I wondered if cooking would make them usable.’ Derek L.

If you are cooking for someone: This may show you giving some form of nourishment or yourself to someone. See: Oven.

Pots and pans: What enables you to prepare and change food to something that is attractive and edible – your cooking skill or otherwise.

Idioms: chief cook and bottle washer; Cook the books; cook someone’s goose; cook up; what’s cooking; too many cooks spoil the broth; cook your goose; cooking up new ideas.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is it I am taking and transforming that will provide my needs or nourish me?

Am I here in a caring and giving role with others, or am I being provided for by someone – if so who?

Am I appreciated or appreciating in the dream?

See: food; kitchen under house and buildings; pot or pan; Techniques for Exploring your Dreams


-shabnam 2012-03-14 20:14:42

I dreamed that this guy i am sort of dating but having problems with was cooking in my kitchen. He made a meal for himself and it was as if he was a bit ashamed or depending on my food because he was at my place. I was going to tell him to get some more but he missunderstood and thought I was asking him why he took my food he said “what so I can’t even have that?” and I told him “I was going to say that you can have it all”…..

I would appreciate it soo much if you could explane it to me

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